A group of close friends who attend a private school all have a debilitating crush on the sunny star pupil, Shen Jiayi. The only member of the group who claims not lớn is Ke Jingteng, but he ends up loving her as well.

Title Summary
DateRankWeekend %± LW TheatersChange AvgTo DateWeekend Estimated
Sep 29-Oct 217$15,793-3-$5,264$15,793-false
Oct 13-166$92,064-32-$2,877$118,211-false
Oct 20-231$1,350,502-71-$19,021$1,468,7131false
Oct 27-301$1,477,355+9.4%74+3$19,964$3,658,0122false
Nov 3-61$1,149,992-22.2%60-14$19,166$5,434,8663false
Nov 10-131$665,956-42.1%63+3$10,570$6,484,5944false
Nov 17-202$357,687-46.3%39-24$9,171$7,056,8165false
Nov 24-272$212,214-40.7%36-3$5,894$7,387,5796false
Dec 1-43$118,779-44%33-3$3,599$7,604,8657false
Dec 8-114$78,138-34.2%29-4$2,694$7,725,0908false
Dec 15-185$27,393-64.9%13-16$2,107$7,798,5989false
Dec 22-258$30,925+12.9%11-2$2,811$7,849,36310false
Dec 29-Jan 1, 201211$21,221-31.4%11-$1,929$7,897,49311false
Jan 5-816$14,934-29.6%6-5$2,489$7,928,62012false
Jan 12-1517$10,770-27.9%5-1$2,154$7,946,10713false
Jan 19-2219$4,097-62%3-2$1,365$7,954,43014false
Jan 26-2919$2,982-27.2%1-2$2,982$7,959,75915false
Feb 2-525$1,431-52%1-$1,431$7,975,11516false

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