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If you get a Google Play gift card, you may be wondering: what can I vày with this card?

And the answer is: a lot.

If you plan to lớn buy a Google Play gift card, I recommend that you tải về one or all of the apps listed to get the most out of your purchase:

You can use a card to purchase books, games, music, newspapers, movies, television shows & apps. It’s the versatile gift card that a lot of people want when receiving a gift. If you want to buy a thẻ for yourself or plan on asking for one as a gift, you’ll want to know the following:


1. Google Play Gift Cards are Cheaper at Retailers

Google will charge you 100% of the card’s value when making a purchase from Google itself. Everyone seems to bởi vì this because it doesn’t make sense for the company lớn discount their own gift cards.

If you want to lớn purchase a $50 gift card, it will cost you $50.

It’s a simple dollar-to-dollar value exchange. But you don’t have to purchase your gift card directly from Google. There are plenty of great options khổng lồ go around, và you’re not tied lớn buying directly from Google.

In fact, I recommend that you cửa hàng around.


You can find discounts from other retailers. That’s the beauty when you buy Google Play gift cards online – there are ample discounts.

Discounts vary greatly, but they are often a small percentage difference off of the price. You may pay $9 for a $10 gift card, or the price can be even closer khổng lồ the card’s value & be something along the lines of $9.50 instead of $10.

The higher the value of the card, the more you’ll be able to lớn save.

I would recommend looking for retailers that are reselling their cards. A lot of retailers accept cards from people that have received them as gifts & don’t want them anymore. You can cash in on someone else’s loss by opting lớn purchase a gift thẻ from a third-party.

You may even be able khổng lồ find people on Facebook or eBay selling their thẻ for a discount.

But most discounts that we’ve been able to lớn find are just 7% – not crazy, but it’s still a decent discount. You may be able khổng lồ find better deals closer khổng lồ the holiday season or a special sale weekend.


2. Google Play Gift Cards are Region Specific

A lot of people make the mistake of finding a discounted gift thẻ in another currency và purchasing it. You may be looking for a US card, but you found a Canadian card that is discounted.


Don’t purchase it.

I’m all for a good deal, but gift cards are region specific. If you live in the US and purchase a Canadian gift card, you will not be able to redeem it on your US account. This means that you have to lớn be very discerning when choosing the right gift card for you or another person.

Always choose your local currency, or you may not be able to lớn redeem the card.

If you vày make this mistake, you can resell the gift thẻ or use a platform that allows you to lớn trade gift cards with others. You may thất bại a lot of the card’s value in these cases, but it’s an option that is available when you’re locked out due to lớn region requirements.


3. Non-Google Retailers Offer A Variety of Payment Methods

Google will charge you full price for your gift card, but other retailers will offer you better đơn hàng and a variety of payment methods. You’ll find that digital stores are the easiest way to lớn make your purchase.

There’s also the main benefit of having over 100+ payment options at some stores.Let’s go through a common scenario for couples. You giới thiệu your bank account or credit card tài khoản with your significant other. You tell each other everything & are perfectly nội dung with pooling your money together.

It’s a sign of a strong relationship.

But what happens when you make a purchase for your significant other’s birthday or as a random present? If you’re a male, your wife may ask you why you purchased something from Google. She may even assume or know that you purchased a gift card based on the debit in your account.

Different payment options allow you khổng lồ pay with Bitcoin or another size of payment that can conceal your purchase.

And it’s also nice to lớn have other options. Perhaps you don’t have a Visa card, or you don’t want khổng lồ allow payment from your debit card (there’s higher risk of fraud). Well, you have options when you purchase from online retailers rather than purchasing directly from Google which has limited payment options.

When you want to lớn avoid using your regular big-bank payment method or credit card, online retailers offer the best payment options every time.


4. Country Availability Varies for Apps and Digital Content

Google is trying khổng lồ bring Google Play to lớn every country around the world, but there are restrictions that make this difficult. And it changes from service-to-service, so you really have lớn be sure that the gift thẻ is going lớn be able khổng lồ be used in your respective country.

This is easy by choosing a gift card with your local currency.

But if you’re curious about country availability, the following rules apply:

Paid apk AppsGoogle allows apk App purchases in many countries, and you can see the list here.

BooksThe purchase of e-Books is easier than audio books, but the vast majority of countries allow these purchases.

MoviesMovies are easy lớn obtain, và most countries have agreements in place where you’ll be able to buy movies through Google Play. Television shows, on the other hand, are different. The following countries are the only ones that allow the purchase of television shows:

AustraliaAustriaCanadaFranceGermanyJapanSwitzerlandUnited KingdomUnited States

MusicMusic can be purchased in most countries, and music subscriptions are also available và allowed in many countries.

NewsstandThe newsstand tiện ích allows for content worldwide, but paid content is limited. You will find paid nội dung for most countries, including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States và even the UAE.

If you want to kiểm tra availability, & it can change at a whim, you’ll want to kiểm tra Google’s official help page. The page goes in-depth about each size of nội dung and which ones are available in every country.

Keep in mind that just because a country is included on one of these lists, it doesn’t mean that the territories or provinces within the country are as accepting. Google may be allowed in Canada, but a province may choose lớn disallow it.It’s important that you pay attention to lớn these potential issues before making a purchase.


5. You Can vì chưng a Lot with a Google Play Gift Card

When you buy a Google Play gift card online, there are a lot of things you can & cannot bởi vì with your card. You might be playing Fortnite, & since you’re using an Android, you may assume that you can use your gift thẻ for in-app purchases.

It sounds perfectly logical.

And while you’re right that Fortnite is playable on apk (and a lot of games vày allow in-app purchases), it’s up to the developer khổng lồ choose whether or not khổng lồ accept Google Play.

Why wouldn’t a developer be on the Play Store or allow gift cards?Google runs their store lớn make money. When you make a $100 purchase, Google will keep a staggering 30% cốt truyện of the revenue. This means that developers are left with just $70 instead of $100.

It’s a terrible price to pay lớn be a success, so a lot of developers, especially when the trò chơi is massively popular, will opt to lớn skip over the Play Store. You can still download their apps on their respective websites, but you won’t be able to download the trò chơi on Google Play. You also won’t be able khổng lồ use your gift card.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot that you can vì with your card.

There’s just a lot you should know about Google Play gift cards.

This includes:

Donating money khổng lồ a charity và giving back khổng lồ a community. When you make a donation, Google will not require a commission, so the entirety of your donation will go lớn charity.You can pay for Netflix, so you’ll be able lớn stream your favorite movies & television shows.YouTube TV can be paid for with your gift card, and this goes for most of Google services.

If you’re purchasing a gift thẻ for a specific purpose, such as buying in-game items on an app, just make sure that you’re able to use a gift card. Most apps & games will allow you to lớn use your gift card for the purchase.

It’s a safe way khổng lồ transfer money to lớn an app developer, too. You don’t have to lớn put in all of your payment information khổng lồ a third-party like Fortnite requires.


6. People Love These Cards as Gifts

Do you remember when people thought that you picking out the perfect gift was so thoughtful? A lot of people seem khổng lồ have left these good old days behind. I have had people ask me to return items that I have purchased for them.

It’s embarrassing for me as the gift giver.

But for others, it is all about picking out the gift that the person wants. When you give a gift card, you’re offering the perfect gift for the holidays.

I bởi want khổng lồ make it known that you should make sure that the person uses an apk or uses Google Play. There are some fans of táo apple that will never touch the Play Store, and if this is the case, the person may not get much use out of the gift thẻ you give them.

It’s unfortunate, but some people are very picky.

The good news is that most people use Google or Google products & services without really knowing it.

You have to lớn remember that people can use their gift thẻ to:

Buy appsBuy musicBuy television shows and moviesBuy newspaper subscriptionsBuy booksDonate to lớn charitySubscribe lớn NetflixSo much more

It’s a versatile gift card that can be used for a variety of different purchases. It’s the perfect option for anyone who is always on their phone or uses Google services often.

In fact, researchers have done studies & found that more than half of people wish that they would receive a gift thẻ over a traditional present. There’s a massive shift going on, & this shift is causing gift card sales khổng lồ rise.

And let me just explain the popularity of Google and the android operating system for a minute. Tablets and mobile devices run the operating system, but a lot of people think that ios is close or even the market leader – it’s not.

Based off of April 2019 statistics, app android holds a 74.85% market nội dung in the mobile operating system market, while tiện ích ios holds a 22.94% market share. Apk is used by three times the amount of people that use Apple.

It’s a major difference, so there’s a good chance that the person in your life that wants a gift thẻ will be able lớn make use out of a Google Play gift card. Three out of four people are using android in some form, and this is Google’s operating system that comes with Google Play built-in.

Google Play offers you plenty of options, from giving out gift cards as gifts khổng lồ using the gift thẻ to purchase your favorite movies, television shows, apps, games, books & so much more. When it comes lớn offering a person a variety of options with a gift card, very few gift cards offer the same cấp độ of versatility as Google Play.

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