Google meet saying turn on hardware acceleration but hardware acceleration already enabled

If Google Chrome is your preferred website browser, then you might notice that, just lượt thích any other application, its performance may fluctuate. When you experience issues with Chrome, it’s important khổng lồ keep in mind that you can take steps khổng lồ remedy the problem.

Here are three ways that you can make Google Chrome work better:

Make Use of Chrome’s Task ManagerMuch like your computer’s task manager, Chrome has a feature that allows you to lớn view your computing resources và programs at a glance. With Chrome’s built-in task manager, you can see information on browser tabs and extensions, & how much processing power they are using up. This information can help you diagnose which tabs are slowing down your browser. To open it, click the three-dot menu in the vị trí cao nhất right corner of the browser & click More Tools. Next, select Task Manager. Or, if you want a more straightforward path, just use the shortcut Shift + Escape.

Once the window opens, you’ll see all of the tabs và extensions that are currently in use, along with statistics concerning just how much resources they are consuming. If you find the offending tab, you can select it & click End Process. If you use this method to kết thúc an extension or an open tab, it will stop functioning until you reload Chrome.

Take Advantage of Hardware AccelerationBefore digging too deep into this, we want to lớn make sure that you’re aware that it’s not always recommended that you implement hardware acceleration for your browser, as it depends on how powerful your computer is. If you’re unfamiliar with hardware acceleration & want to lớn know how it can improve your browsing experience, reach out lớn your IT department or liên hệ Heiden technology Solutions.

Hardware acceleration works by moving some of the burden off of your PC’s CPU onto the GPU, which can potentially resolve some processing problems by placing the page-rendering burden on the CPU. For this setting, click on the three-dot menu and xuất hiện Settings. Then go down lớn the bottom of the window và find Show Advanced Settings. Go down from here và find the System section. Select Use hardware acceleration when available & restart Chrome lớn activate it.

Reset Google ChromeIf you’re not sure if your efforts have actually led khổng lồ a better performance from Google Chrome, you can try resetting the browser’s settings. To vị so, go past hardware acceleration and you’ll see the option khổng lồ Reset Settings. Confirm your choice. Keep in mind that Chrome might not reset things lượt thích bookmarks, browsing history, or saved passwords, but it will get rid of settings like your default start page, your new tab page, your pinned tabs, and your default tìm kiếm engine.


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