Did you notice, “System UI Keeps Stopping” or Getting ‘Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.’ Error on your game android Phone. Like other Operating Systems apk OS causes many bugs and the System UI Has Stopped error is one of them. This error is quite annoying, occurs repeatedly & prevents users from using their smartphone services & features like camera, different apps, etc. If you are also experiencing similar problem, In this post we have the best working solutions lớn fix Unfortunately system UI has stopped black screen error on your android device.
What is system UIWhy does my System UI Keep Stopping?How vì chưng i fix System UI has stopped Error on Android?Restart your game android DeviceRemove WidgetsUninstall Google UpdatesUpdate appsClear system UI CacheReset ứng dụng preferencesUpdate System SoftwareReset your phone khổng lồ factory settingsVideo: How lớn Fix System UI Has Stopped Issue on Android

What is system UI

System UI is any element that’s displayed on the screen that’s not part of an app and For app developers, System UI is the framework on đứng top of which they build their app. (source)

Why does my System UI Keep Stopping?

There are plenty of reasons why you face System UI Has Stopped Issue on Android. Some of the major reason are given below,Corrupted OS update! OS updates are very helpful as they come with a lot of bugs, fix antidotes và improve the overall efficiency of your device. However, sometimes these OS updates may be corrupted due khổng lồ which they vày not download and install properly. & these can be the main reason behind your System UI Has Stopped Issue on Android.Lesser RAM! Opening too many apps at a time consumes more RAM Or having more UI Cache Data consume more RAM which leads the system UI to stop on Android.A corrupted file! An unwanted or corrupt UI file is also one of the main reasons behind System UI Keep Stopping. As a corrupted tệp tin stops the System from running properly.It is not possible lớn say for sure which one of the above-mentioned reasons is causing your device to show game android SystemUI is not responding error.

How vì chưng i fix System UI has stopped Error on Android?

In the following steps we will provide some of the major troubleshooting solutions that you can try and Fix System UI Keep Stopping issue on android.

Restart your app android Device

Sometimes, all you need to vị is simply Restart your device as Restarting your device might be helpful to lớn clear some of the bugs và will definitely help you to khuyến mãi with the System UI Has Stopped issue. Rebooting your device clears some of the temporary files & fixes lots of major glitches sitting on your device. A normal restart is good where you have lớn switch off your device and again Restart it, but here we will suggest you vày a hard restart as it is more effective!Here’s how,Press and hold the volume down button and the power key for 10 seconds. This will force your device khổng lồ power off & turn back on.When the hình ảnh sản phẩm shows, release both keys and wait until the phone has finished rebooting.Check if your issue has been solved, if not then move to other troubleshooting solutions.

Remove Widgets

This solution may sound weird, but several game android users have said that removing the widgets from the home screen has helped fix the System UI issue. So give it a try and remove all Widgets you have on your home screen lượt thích Google search, music Widget, etc., After removing them, restart your phone.

Uninstall Google Updates

Uninstalling Google Updates have helped many users to lớn get rid of this error. Since Google Application is a pre-installed phầm mềm you can not uninstall it completely, so one has lớn delete the recent updates from the Google app. Here’s how can you bởi vì that,Open Settings application on your app android deviceClick on Apps or Apps & notifications then click on Google.Now click on the three-dot icon located at the vị trí cao nhất of the right hand side screen & select Uninstall updates.Then just simply restart your app android device.

Update apps

Updating your apps gives you access to the latest features and improves app security and stability. If you don’t update the App, you will be stuck with the bugs present on that version, even if the developer has already fixed them. This leads to a corrupted file and hence you may face System UI Has Stopped Error on Android. So make sure your apps are always up to lớn date. Namely, lớn fix the issue, you will need lớn update Google Play Store and Play Services. Here’s how,Open Play Store on your android deviceClick on the three dash icon located on the đứng top of the left-hand side.Select my apps & gamesThen Update all apps including Google Play Store & Play Services.

Clear system UI Cache

Your apk phone’s cache comprises stores of small bits of information that your apps, System & web browser use lớn speed up performance. But cached files can become corrupted or overloaded and cause performance issues as well as UI issues which further leads khổng lồ stop System UI. Cache needn’t be constantly cleared, but a periodic clean out can be helpful. Here’s how,Open settings on your deviceClick on Apps or Apps và notifications or system appsTap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Show system appsNow, under System apps, tìm kiếm for System UI và click on it.Click on Storage followed by Clear cache. Also, Click on Clear data or Clear storage and then Restart your game android device.

Reset tiện ích preferences

What if all the above solutions did not work and you are still facing System UI Has Stopped on your apk device error. If the problem still exists you have khổng lồ reset your phầm mềm preferences. While resetting app preferences will not delete any of your personal data. It will only revert settings like permissions, restrictions, etc., to their default ones.To reset phầm mềm preferences follow the steps,Go to lớn settings, click on the system or General Management settingClick on Reset, Then click on Reset ứng dụng preferences or reset all settingsAnd then restart your device

Update System Software

New app android software update could solve the System UI Has Stopped Error on android permanently. As a new software comes with many bug fixes it might be possible that it fixes any System UI bug (if it is there). Having up-to-date devices is one of the major prerequisites of every app android device to work it’s features normally and properly. Updating your game android device software is a major solution to all the minor & big bugs you have faced related to lớn the UI. As an update comes with loads of bug fixes. If you disabled automatic system software updates on your game android device you can download it manually (if the update is available). Updating your apk device OS to the latest one would be a great thing. Here’s how,Open settingsThen click on the systemAnd then check for a software update. Or you can tìm kiếm the word “update” in your settings.

Reset your phone to factory settings

IMPORTANT: A factory data reset will remove all data from your phone. While any data stored in your Google account will be restored, all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled. Before you perform a factory data reset, we recommend backing up your phone.If you are still facing “unfortunately, system UI has stopped” error on your app android device then One should go for an advanced troubleshooting solution. This consists of resetting your phone khổng lồ its factory settings. Please cảnh báo this is a last resort if all other options have failed. For factory reset, you can follow the following steps.Firstly, open your settings appClick the Accounts & sync option then you will see your Google tài khoản click on that.Then click the more, & remove your Google accountThen again go to lớn settings, click about phoneThen select backup và reset icon after that you will view the icon name erase all data(factory data reset) click on that, type password (if you have one).And then your apk device automatically reset your phone to lớn factory default.

Video: How khổng lồ Fix System UI Has Stopped Issue on Android

Did these solutions help fix System UI Has Stopped black Screen Error on android phone? Let us know on the comments below.Also read:Android phone freezes or won’t respond or turning off itself? Lets fix the problemAndroid phone not connecting to bluetooth không dây Devices? Here’s the fix!10 tips lớn make your apk phone super fast without root What are some Best Weather Widget Apps for iPhone Airpods Not Switching Between apple devices. Here’s how lớn fix it!

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