How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications In Google Chrome

Social networking sites like Facebook demand your constant attention. As such, they require you khổng lồ sign in lớn your respective browsers to lớn have agreed khổng lồ receive notifications. Google Chrome is by far the most preferred browser for computer users & it is no exception khổng lồ this rule. That said, constant beeps and bell sounds can distract you from your work. If you want these notifications from Facebook not to lớn bother you, it is best to lớn have them disabled. Here’s how you can turn off or disable Facebook Notifications in Chrome.

Disable Facebook notifications in Chrome

By default, the Chrome browser alerts you whenever a website, an app, or extension wants lớn send you notifications. So, if you recently noticed ‘Desktop Notifications are on’ popup message while accessing your Facebook tài khoản in Chrome, & if unknowingly you’ve clicked ‘OK’ button, you are likely lớn see push notifications from Facebook page appearing in the corner of the screen, every time. Nevertheless, the user is at the discretion lớn have it changed at any given time.To disable Facebook notifications in Chrome, follow these steps:Launch ChromeClick on 3-dots > SettingsSelect Privacy and SecurityClick on Site SettingsClick NotificationsLocate facebook.comOpt lớn Block its notifications.First things first, xuất hiện your Google Chrome browser. Move the cursor of the mouse in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen.
Next, click on the 3-dot icon và from the menu of options displayed, select ‘Settings’.

Thereafter, scroll down khổng lồ find ‘Show advanced settings’.

Next, under ‘Privacy và Security‘ section, look for ‘Site Settings’. When found, click the option.Scroll down lớn ‘Notification‘ section. Here you can enable or disable desktop notifications.


Look for ‘‘ and from the 3-dot icon, change the option from ‘Allow’ to lớn ‘Block’.Click ‘Done’.You could also, alternatively, directly visit this URL to xuất hiện these settings:chrome://settings/content/notificationsThat’s it! This way you can choose whether or not you wish lớn be notified by Facebook.The issue caught my attention when for the last few days I observed Facebook was throwing notifications at the bottom right corner of my computer screen.

Let us know if the method works for you in the comments section below.


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