The last ship season 3 episode 12 review: resistance

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Tonight on TNT The Last Ship based on William Brinkley’s popular novel airs with & all-new Sunday September 4, 2016, episode and we have your The Last Ship recap down below. On tonight’s Last Ship’s episode, called “Resistance,” the citizens of USA are devastated & Chandler (Eric Dane) is determined to get khổng lồ the bottom of what has been happening.

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If you missed last week’s episode where Chandler (Eric Dane) faced a tough decision when the white house delivered a bizarre order you can read our full và detailed The Last Ship recap, right here!

On tonight’s episode as per the TNT synopsis, “Chandler (Eric Dane) returns lớn America khổng lồ get lớn the bottom of what’s really been happening all along.” The episode was directed by Anton Cropper.

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship season 3 episode 12 looks lượt thích it’s going to lớn be great, so don’t miss it. While you wait for our The Last Ship recap, make sure to check all our The Last Ship spoilers, news và more, right here! 

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often khổng lồ get the most current updates!

#TheLastShip starts with President Howard telling Kara and Tex about how the soldiers are just following orders. They worry about the fate of the Nathan James. Tom and Mike talk with Sasha và Tom looks over a communication that thinks they still have Tom prisoner.

They also see that the military has been dismantled. Sasha says it’s a standard formula khổng lồ stage a coup. They talk about how this likely played out at home. They are six hours from San Diego. Tom says they need lớn find the communication center & a source of gravity.

Tom wants to lớn make Castillo show his face và Meylan tells them what they’re suggesting is impossible with one ship. Tom says no. Cobb, Meylan’s sidekick, is nervous as well, but they know they have to vì it. The regional leaders bicker in front of Allison.

Regional leaders argue

Manuel bickers và Allison has khổng lồ work out a compromise. Colonel Witt reports khổng lồ them that the Nathan James was picked up on radar. Witt arms the weapons system to attack the Nathan James. Allison and another leader access it with thumbprints.

Allison says the Nathan James will kết thúc up at the bottom of the ocean. They’re all pleased with themselves. Tex & Kara head khổng lồ Vegas with the President & notice that the lights are all out. They wonder what’s going on.

They pull up to a store to stock up on supplies at a small market that’s closed. Some men run out with guns và close in on them. The guy says hand over your food và Tex says they’re out too & that’s why we stopped here. The bandits are run off by a local.

Kindness of strangers

The store owner tells them that soldiers emptied their shelves & no more supplies shipments have come. Kara asks about Vegas và the guy says they people followed the food and they had to lớn work 16 hour days khổng lồ earn rations.

Bob, their host, tells Tex he hasn’t eaten in three days. They offer khổng lồ take him with them but he says if he’s going lớn die, he’ll vị it there. Kathleen, Tex’s daughter, hands Bob their last can of food & he accepts. Howard says hope is coming soon.

He tells Bob khổng lồ hang in a little longer. Bob says people on TV have been saying nasty things about the President who says he hopes he doesn’t believe what he hears. They shake hands & it’s a good thing.

Trouble on the high seas

Tom stands on the deck looking out at the water và says things are too quiet. Tex and the others pull up at the shore and see the James in the distance & wonder if they can signal them. Tom says let’s bring the ship into the harbor at San Diego.

Kara watches. Danny weapons up in the armory & then there’s a missile alert. Kara screams as she sees the missiles hit the ship. She screams và tries to lớn wade into the water và Tex pulls her out as she cries and screams no. She thinks Danny is dead.

The fire of the ship burns brightly in the distance. They watch as troops come lớn confirm the kill & then Tex, Kara and Howard follow in their vehicle. Turns out the missiles hit the Chinese ship they stole & kept with them – the James is alive!

Regional leaders toast Tom’s death

They toast to lớn Tom’s death và Allison tells Roberta she wants St Louis for herself. Roberta tells her she’ll push for it if she keeps Manuel in line. Kara & the crew follow the men back lớn a warehouse and Tex says Castillo is doling out food to control the people.

Kara says they have military there và it’s just the four of them. Tex and Kara go scout while they leave Howard & Kathleen lớn watch for shift changes & other activity. Howard has binoculars khổng lồ watch from a distance and they all go lớn work.

Kara is grabbed from behind and scared but it’s Danny. She hugs him tight. He holds her close. Tex moves deeper into the facility and finds himself facing Tom, Wolf và the others. Tex is thrilled and Tom says he’s happy lớn see him there.

Risky reunion

Danny asks about his son and she and Danny kiss then join the others. Kara greets her former comrades. Sasha says they all had the same idea. They discuss this is Castillo’s territory. Tom says he was hoping khổng lồ find a resistance force.

Tex says they are that force. Tom gives orders & they set up a plan lớn take the place. They all move out. Tex says it’s like old times. Alisha works with her team to crack the codes of the regional communications. Everyone has a mission.

The James stays far enough off shore for radar lớn miss them. It’s daylight now và Jeter tells them comms are up as Sasha cuts her way through a fence. She heads back out when she notices something. Mike sees a heavy gunner up top & then General Bradley is there.

Dissension in the ranks

One of the solders asks the General about the Nathan James explosion & he says Tom was a traitor & he needs lớn adjust to lớn that reality. Kathleen teaches the President how lớn use a gun. Tex watches with pride. Tom mentions how quickly Tex left when they docked.

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Tom asks if he blames him for Rachel’s death & Tex says he blames both of them but forgave Tom. He asks if Sasha can handle herself & he says yes. Mike reports back that they found Bradley. Sasha says the food isn’t being stored but shipped on train tracks.

Tom says they need lớn take the next train once it’s out of the warehouse – enough food to find an army. Tom says then all they need to vày is steal an army. Looks lượt thích a plan is coalescing that’s different from the first.

The great train robbery

The team sets up to hijack the train & they kiểm tra in with the James. It’s one-way communication only but Tom tells Danny the James will be there when they need it. General Bradley gets a call from Manuel Castillo & Kara reports to the James that Bradley is broadcasting.

Alisha & her team record the call. Tex, Wolf and the gang get ready. The train pulls away and Kathleen reports that it pulled away. Alisha và her team try to lớn unscramble the call. Sasha watches the train. Bradley is on board and there are other troops.

Alisha hears that the cargo won’t be hungry và Bradley says he brought cookies for the kids. Alisha says they have to lớn break silence và Alisha warns Tom the train is full of people. They have to lớn get the explosives off the tracks ASAP.

Train near-catastrophe

Mike pulls up close in the truck & drops Tom và some of the guys off onto the train. Danny almost falls but Wolf pulls him up. They race up vị trí cao nhất on the train towards the engine. A guard starts firing on them. They take him out.

Sasha takes out one that tried to lớn sneak up on the James’ guys. The train races closer to the explosives. Bradley is stunned to lớn see it’s Tom taking the train. Wolf moves into the engine area but he’s attacked by a guy. Tom and Bradley grapple.

The train keeps going. Wolf tries for the brakes. Tom beats Bradley và comes khổng lồ help Wolf. Tom is able khổng lồ trigger the emergency brake. The train rolls lớn a stop inches from the explosives. Tom holds a gun on the guy attacking Tex who knocks the guy out.

Tom takes control

Tom tells Bradley to open the train car but he won’t so Tom does. Inside there are people. Tom looks at all of them & Mike is stunned. The people ask what happened. Tom tells them they can come out. They ask him why. Tom says it’s safe now.

He says you’re miễn phí and the people ask what he means. Tom says they’re not slaves & don’t have lớn go where they tell them lớn or work lượt thích they’re told. The people tell him they want to work for food và beg him lớn close the door & let them go on.

Bradley tells Tom welcome khổng lồ the new America. Howard says my a**. He says none of you have khổng lồ starve and says there is food on the train for the next few days. Tom drags Bradley off và says tell his people to stand down. Tom yanks off his badges & says he violated his oaths.

Regional issues

Bradley says what he took an oath to lớn was torn up two weeks ago. He says you try going hungry. Bradley says he had to do this or he và his kids would die. He says his commanding officer’s throat was cut. Roberta và Manuel hotline Allison about the train.

Allison tells Manuel khổng lồ find the train. Allison says she wants lớn confirm that James was sunk. Tom calls the ship about the people they saved. He says they need medical attention. Alisha says LA is calling someone there. Tom hears the ringing.

He tells Bradley lớn tell Manuel that he needs khổng lồ see him. Tom says they can take him down together. Bradley takes the call và says Manuel needs lớn come down to the depot và he’ll meet him there. Bradley tells Tom he has khổng lồ kill Castillo.

Bradley says it’s him or us

Bradley tells Tom that if he doesn’t kill Castillo, all of them will die. Bradley greets Manuel Castillo at the depot. Manuel asks what happened and threatens him. He tells his men to lớn shoot Bradley but then Tom and his men come out.

Manuel orders them shot và Sasha takes shots at their feet. Tom tells Burke to arrest Manuel. He does. They haul him and his men off. Bradley asks if he answers lớn him now & Tom says no và then President Howard walks out. They all salute POTUS.

Howard says his men need to retake the oath khổng lồ join the US military. Bradley says yes sir. Howard và the others come on board the James & everyone stands khổng lồ salute him. Kara is there and so is Tex. Alisha goes lớn hug Kara. It’s a warm reunion.

Manuel is interrogated

Manuel says America loved Tom but they missed WiFi and have no time for heroes. He promises the masses will turn against him & Manuel says he knows how khổng lồ keep those filthy people in line. Manuel says he won’t cooperate.

Tom says he doesn’t get to lớn make any choices now & says your army turned on you without a shot fired và the regional leaders will turn on him. Tom says the filthy masses won’t like him anymore either. Tom offers to drop him back off at the depot.

Witt reports to Allison that they destroyed a decoy, not the Nathan James. Allison says Tom probably already has Manuel Castillo & she needs khổng lồ think. Allison says she needs to think & then ponders her next move.

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