This quiz has 50 questions. Some of the questions ask about: your social studies teacher, math teacher, science teacher, art teacher, what you are doing in art class, your music teacher, other teachers, your crush, and much, much more!

This quiz has 50 questions. Some of the questions ask about: your social studies teacher, math teacher, science teacher, art teacher, what you are doing in art class, your music teacher, other teachers, your crush, & much, much more!

Created by: Angela

What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to lớn 30 Years Old 31 to lớn 40 Years Old 41 lớn 50 Years Old 51 khổng lồ 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleWhat màu sắc is your school? Brown Brownish-yellowish I am not sure Gray rã OtherWhat is your school made of? Bricks Metal Wood I am not sure Clay OtherWhat are the grade levels in your school? Kindergarten to fifth grade It is a preschool Sixth to lớn eighth grade Seventh lớn eighth grade I go to a highschool I go lớn collegeWhat special events are going to happen soon at your school? A moving-up ceremony A talent show The school dance I bởi not know A science fair OtherDo you have lockers at your school? Yes No We used too I vì not know Yes, but I vì chưng not have one there OtherWhat color is your locker? blue I do not know Orange Green I vày not have a locker OtherWhat màu sắc is the lock khổng lồ your locker? Red Green đen White I bởi vì not know OtherDo you ever use the đứng đầu part of your locker? Yes, always No Yes, hardly Yes, sometimes Other I have no vị trí cao nhất part of my lockerHas anyone ever opened your locker & stole something from it? Yes No I vì chưng not know They have tried but did not succeed Other I bởi not have a lockerIs your thể hình teacher mean? Sometimes Yes, always Other No I vị not go lớn school I do not go to gym classIs your art teacher mean? Yes Sometimes No Other I vày not go to lớn art class I vày not knowHow much homework does your math teacher give out? A lot None A little I vì chưng not know I vì chưng not go khổng lồ math class OtherDoes your school have a dress code? Yes No I vì chưng not know OtherWhat are some bad things about your locker? I vì chưng not have a locker Nothing I am not sure My lock will not lock The đứng đầu part of my locker will not xuất hiện OtherDoes your school have a school bully? No Yes Other I vày not knowDo you ride the bus trang chủ and to school? No Yes Sometimes OtherIs your math teacher a he or a she? A he A she Neither Both Other I do not go to math classWhat màu sắc are the seats on your bus? xanh Green Brown I vì chưng not ride the bus Other BlackHow many students are on your bus? 20 18 Just me 3 Other I do not ride the busHow many teachers do you have in total? 6 5 4 1 I do not know OtherHave you ever gone to lớn summer school? No Yes OtherHow big is your locker? It is the form size of a microwave I am not sure It is very tall but thin Other I have no lockerDoes your crush go to lớn your school? Yes No Other What is a crush? I vị not knowHow many science teachers vì chưng you have? 3 4 1 2 I vì not know OtherWhat is your bus"s number? 395 697 Other I vày not know 187 667Do you have any neighborhood friends that go to lớn your school? Yes No OtherHow messy is the đứng top part of your locker? It is empty I do not have a locker It is very messy I do not know Other I have no đứng top part of my lockerWhat grade are you in? Seventh Second Fifth Sixth I am in college OtherAre you in elementary school? Yes No OtherWhat kind of school bởi you go to? A college A junior high school A middle school A highschool Other An elementary schoolWho is your music teacher? Other I vày not go to lớn music class Mr. Banda Mrs. Henderson Mrs. Hershman I vì chưng not know yetIs your school principle a boy or a girl? A girl Neither A boy Both Other I bởi vì not have a school principleDid you go to lớn school today? Yes No OtherWhat did you have for lunch at school today? Nothing I did not go to school today Eggs và bacon Pizza và pasta Chinese food OtherHow many social studies teachers vì you have? 1 3 2 5 I do not go lớn social studies class OtherWhat are you learning about in math? Geometry Adding Multiplacation Arrays Fractions OtherWhat country are you learning about in social studies right now? We are not learning about a country japan India Egypt Other AfricaIs your music teacher married? Yes I vì chưng not know No Other She got devorced 3 years ago He got devorced 9 days agoHave you gotten a detention yet? Yes No OtherDo you know how to lớn subtract? Yes No OtherWhat is 81 minus 13? I bởi not know 10 61 100 None of the above OtherWhat country is your school in? All countries Jamaica trung quốc America I vì chưng not go lớn school OtherWhat is your music teacher"s favoite music? Techno Heavy metal I vì not know Pop Rock OtherWhat are you doing in art class right now? Paper Mache Self-portraits Clay models Egyptain art Posters with chinese writing OtherWhat are you learning about in science class right now? Cells Bones Magnets The Respiratory & Circulatory System Planets OtherHow many students are in your science class? 10 9 4 27 I vị not know OtherWhat màu sắc is your planner? Red black What is a planner? Orange I have no planner OtherIs your busdriver a boy or a girl? I vì not ride the bus A boy A girl Other

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