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Song Joong Ki has always been called a flower boy in South Korea. This is a name that the locals điện thoại tư vấn those guys who are really handsome.

Since Joong Ki is really good-looking, fans are wondering how many girlfriends he had before marrying tuy nhiên Hye Kyo in 2017. With his face & intelligence, many are guessing that he dated a lot of girls but appeared khổng lồ be not true as he actually dated just one or two. Below are celebrities và non-celebrities who were linked to lớn the actor.

Park Min Young

Song Joong Ki became popular after starring as a playboy in the Joseon era in 2010’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” Park Min Young is the lead actress in this drama & although they are not the main couple, it was rumored that the two are falling in love while filming. But it seems that they did not really date it remained unconfirmed up to lớn now.

Moon Chae Won

The actor was Chae Won’s leading man in the “Innocent Guy” and with their great chemistry & extra closeness on the set & because of this, they were rumored lớn have ended up as lovers in real life.

Channel Korea reported that in an interview, Moon Chae Won said that she is really comfortable working with tuy vậy Joong Ki and this further heightened the speculations that they are dating. They did not deny or admit it but the actor said that whether he is in a relationship or not, he enjoys dating in secret và that is telling something.

He was also linked khổng lồ the second lead actress in the “Innocent Man,” Park ham Yeon but this was denied. Girls Generation’s Sunny was also briefly linked to tuy nhiên Joong Ki as she is one of his avid fans và she repeatedly declared on broadcast that she likes the actor và they met on “Running Man” already.

Joong Ki’s first love

This is probably the only confirmed girlfriend that tuy nhiên Joong Ki has prior lớn tying the knot with tuy vậy Hye Kyo. Sina, a Chinese truyền thông outlet, published a series of sticker photos of the actor & his ex-girlfriend. Obviously, it was taken before he debuted as an actor.

Many believed that this is the woman that tuy vậy Joong Ki has been mentioning as his first love who he dated for just 103 days. He said he still can’t forget about her even though she’s already married & she was the one who dumped him.

Finally, as everyone already knows, song Joong Ki ended up marrying his “Descendants of the Sun” co-star song Hye Kyo but unfortunately, they barely two years after their wedding.

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