There are quite a lot of mediums through which you can visit websites: from social media, from another website, directly typing the website’s URL into your browser’s address bar, or via search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.). On a website browser, however, two of the most common ways of loading up a website are via search bar/engine or typing the URL into the address bar.


Which one is the best way to lớn load up a particular website though? Should you visit by typing (or into your address bar? Or should you search for “” on Google & enter the website through the tìm kiếm results page? There’s no one method that works for all but depending on certain factors and scenarios, one is always better than the other. We highlight such factors below.

Using search Engines

If you vì chưng not know the exact address of the trang web you intend khổng lồ visit, or perhaps you can’t seem to lớn remember the exact spelling or phrases that trang điểm the website’s URL, searching for it using từ khoá you remember is the best thing to lớn do. If, on the other hand, you know the exact URL of the trang web you are looking khổng lồ visit, doing so through search engine or your browser’s search bar is not only time-wasting but also unnecessarily uses up bandwidth/internet/data plan — you’d first have lớn load up the tìm kiếm engine result page before proceeding khổng lồ the website.

If you know the exact address of the website but you only need a specific nội dung on the site, using search engine is wise. More precisely, using Google’s site tìm kiếm (site:search) feature.

Typing URL into Address Bar

Unlike using the search bar, visiting a website by typing the URL in your browser’s address bar saves time và uses less bandwidth. Additionally, if you search for a trang web using the tìm kiếm bar, it might not appear on the tìm kiếm results page if the site has not been indexed by the search engine yet.

If you know the exact URL address of a website, the best bet is khổng lồ type it into the address bar; the http:// or www. prefixes aren’t necessary. Some websites even have short, lightweight URLs that redirect lớn the main URL so users can easily visit without having to lớn type the whole URL address. Instead of typing into your browser address bar, for example, you can simply type và you would be redirected lớn Facebook.

Summarily, type in the URL of the trang web you want lớn visit into the address bar when you know the URL. It’s almost the easiest và best way to lớn load a website, especially websites that aren’t indexed by Google (or other tìm kiếm engines) yet. If you need to access only a specific content on a particular trang web or you cannot remember a site’s exact URL, your best bet is khổng lồ type in the URL và keywords into the search bar.

With the tips and differentiations made above, hope you now know when (and why) you should you tìm kiếm on Google & when you should visit a site by directly entering the URL in a browser’s address bar?