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Do you ever sit through an episode of television just violently shaking your head and wondering how such terrible plotlines made it lớn screen? That was me khổng lồ the fullest during this episode of Prison Break.

Before I begin my rant, let me acknowledge that I did enjoy the scenes featuring Lincoln and Michael reunited, once again on the run together. Their chemistry và bond is the biggest reason the series worked when it did. If I were giving a grade based solely off those scenes and C-Note & Sheba’s adventures, it would be on the higher end.

However, there’s the matter of the characters named Jacob và Cyclops. Yes, the one-eyed terrorist is really named Cyclops. Trust me, I checked. The stupidity và ridiculousness of the separate story lines involving these two ntienkiemkyduyen.mobicomers had me baffled as how at no point during production did someone step in to say, “Really?”

Bouncing back & forth between Cyclops, who’s turning into an expert fugitive tracker, and Sara, who falls for Jacob’s laughably bad explanation for his meeting with the people who tried lớn kill them, was so painful that I had lớn pause in utter loathing multiple times.

While by episode’s end the show has completely sold out Sara’s intelligence by allowing her to lớn believe Jacob’s ludicrous story, she begins “Contingency” by being smart and seeing what’s right in front of her. After hanging up from talking to her husband, Sara is approached by her unlikely spy, T-Bag, who has some troubling ntienkiemkyduyen.mobis and conveys it as only he could. “There’s no easy way khổng lồ deliver this ntienkiemkyduyen.mobis, darling,” he says, showing her the photo of Jacob with A&W & Van Gogh, “You’ve been sleeping with the enemy, baby.” Darling and baby: not sure they’re at the cấp độ in their relationship for him to be giving her those nicknames. In response to lớn either the revelation about Jacob or T-Bag calling her baby, Sara immediately runs khổng lồ go get MJ.

Sara isn’t the only Scofield on the run; Michael, Lincoln, và are navigating their way through explosions & chaos in the streets of Yemen. As if things couldn’t be tough enough, Ramal’s followers have pledged a rtienkiemkyduyen.mobiard of 10 million rial for the capture of the fugitives. “You give up your mother for cash lượt thích that,” quips Whip. Or, if you’re Ja, you spend that much on Freddie Mercury’s ashes. I’m really embarrassed it’s taken me this long khổng lồ acknowledge that Ja is played by Rick Yune, a.k.a. Johnny Tran, the villain from The Fast & the Furious. I somehow referenced the franchise in two of the first four recaps & never mentioned Yune. My status as No. 1 Fast and Furious fan hâm mộ is officially in jeopardy.

The boys duck into an abandoned building khổng lồ hide và figure out a plan. Michael contends that the best option is the train station, while Lincoln notes that might have been true four years ago, but now, heading lớn the airport should be the move. Lincoln grabs his brother and takes him into another room, wanting khổng lồ know the answer lớn the key question, “How are you alive?” Thanks Lincoln. Signed, the audience.

“Michael Scofield had khổng lồ die,” shares Michael, going full third person. “That was part of the giảm giá khuyến mãi I made.” Apparently, shortly after the events of season 4, Poseidon called Michael & told him that their pardons from Kellerman were no good, so if he wanted his family lớn stay free, the former Fox River inmate would have khổng lồ break others out of prison for Poseidon. Michael says he originally declined the offer, which led lớn the events of the TV movie Prison Break: The Final Break, when Sara was imprisoned. “So I gave in,” he reveals. “Everything I did, I did for family. For you, for Sara, for Mike.” The terrorists moving closer ends the emotional exchange, and the team follows Michael’s wishes và heads to lớn the train station.

Sorry Lincoln, but Michael might be right; C-Note & Sheba arrive at the airport lớn find all hell breaking loose. Sure doesn’t seem lượt thích any flights will be taking off from here. Despite Sheba’s insistence they find another option, C-Note won’t leave without Michael và Lincoln. Fox River 8 for life! ISIL showing up only adds khổng lồ the madness, with everyone scrambling, including a pilot headed out a side exit. C-Note follows him, và they both get cornered on the tarmac by soldiers. Sheba continues to lớn be a dynamite addition lớn the group, providing a distraction that allows C-Note to lay the smackdown on the combatants. “You kick a lot of ass for a good Muslim,” she observes, lớn which he replies, “You can take the man out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the man.” Very cliché, but I love it! và staying at the airport may pay off, considering C-Note and Sheba now have a pilot và spot a nearby cargo plane.

Now, the moment literally nobody has been waiting for — Cyclops’ big episode. If you’re not familiar with Cyclops’ previous work, I don’t blame you since his name has never been mentioned. You’ll recognize him as the guy who attempted khổng lồ rape Sheba & got his ass kicked by Lincoln. Well, things aren’t looking up for good ole Cyclops, as his terrorist buddies are picking on him because of his one eye. Classic terrorist bullies. He’ll show them, though! Cyclops channels Chazz Palminteri in The Usual Suspects, deciding all the evidence leads to the train station. Not sure what evidence he had, but don’t underestimate Cyclops… I guess.

And… Cyclops was right on the bullsEYE. The guys’ attempt at blending in at the train station goes about as poorly as it could. They nearly escape, và the all-knowing Cyclops is hot on their trail, calling the terrorist who picked on him earlier to lớn give him the ntienkiemkyduyen.mobis & proclaiming, “I hotline the shots now.” There have been some bad Prison Break story lines/characters (don’t get me started on Sona), but this might take the cake.

Michael’s answer to the train station not working is to lớn find another train station, despite Lincoln’s continued protests. “I have lớn stay focused, be the man with the plan,” says Michael “Always Has a Plan” Scofield. “Just like Fox River, remember?” You mean that time he was put on death row for a crime he didn’t commit và you broke him out & then were on the run for a long time? I’m sure it sounds vaguely familiar to him. Whip has hot-wired a car, và as skeptical as they may be, they all begrudgingly go along with Michael, a.k.a. “the horse who got them this far.” The man has proven khổng lồ be right a time or two.

We finally pick back up with Sara, và she’s still running. Luckily, she’s made it Jacob’s parents’ house lớn grab MJ. She’s trying lớn Usain Bolt her way out of there, but just as she gets MJ in the car, Jacob, a.k.a Poseidon, a.k.a. Royal Pains in the ass, shows up. I have to give Sara credit, as she doesn’t even try lớn lie, instantly showing him the incriminating picture. No need to be concerned, though; he’s got a perfectly dumb explanation for it. Supposedly, this brave economist had a buddy use Sara’s phone to track down Van Gogh and A&W, whom he subsequently called khổng lồ make a deal with. She ain’t buying what he’s selling and speeds off.

Jacob seems lớn have a secret weapon to lớn win Sara back — Heather. Who’s Heather? All indications are that she’s Sara’s best friend. Yet she’s a little too #TeamJacob. The only plausible explanation is she’s carrying over her past allegiances for Taylor Lautner. Heather convinces Sara khổng lồ look into this, so they go talk to lớn Jacob’s hacker, who confirms the story. Then, creepily right on cue, Heather gets a điện thoại tư vấn on her cell from Jacob, who tells Sara lớn rush khổng lồ the police station. I’m assuming it’s not so he can turn himself in. It turns out there’s a lineup the police would like her lớn look at. Van Gogh and A&W are both in it, & she quickly identifies them. This leads to lớn Jacob giving some baloney (apologies for my harsh language) tài khoản about “trying khổng lồ play the trắng knight.” He says he put a tracker in the money he gave Van Gogh and A&W to lớn leave his family alone. We get it bro, you’re rich. Sara falls for it and hugs her husband (insert throwing up gif).

The drive to lớn the second train station gives Michael and Whip a little privacy, so Whip takes the chance to lớn ask about his cohort’s past. “Whose been taking care of you through everything?” asks Michael, insinuating his protégé still has a big role to lớn play. “Nothing changes. You’re still my whip hand.” The heart-to-heart is abruptly ended by Cyclops smashing his oto into theirs. With ISIL fast approaching, they head for cover in an abandoned hospital và split up to lớn find a way out. The only scary-ish movies I watch are the Scream franchise, and even I know to never split up.

Half the is ready lớn fight back, & the other half is on the verge of giving up. Lincoln and Whip are determined to lớn get out, while Michael và Sid are pretty defeated. And Ja is… well, Ja is having a các buổi party with rubbing alcohol and Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” Michael is the opposite of a champion right now, reliving his past errors. “I wanted to make it better, but I made it worse… for everyone,” he confesses, as we see flashbacks of him secretly checking in on Sara & MJ from afar. “I made a lot of mistakes. Every one of them I made for love.” Lincoln plays the good big brother & motivates Michael to lớn help him take down the ISIL soldiers who are making their way into the building. “It’ll be fun,” declares Lincoln. “I’ve always wanted a crack at these bastards.” Most kids dream of playing professional sports, but hey, admirable goal.

Ja’s still getting his Freddie Mercury on, which turns out khổng lồ be all part of his master plan. His beautiful voice lures in the terrorists, allowing him to set them on fire with the alcohol & a torch. Ja truly is a champion. Meanwhile, Ja Rule, not so much. On the way out of the hospital, Michael is finally ready to cede the decision making lớn Lincoln. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, Cyclops tracks you down and corners you in Yemen. Speaking of Cyclops, the seemingly lone member of ISIL in Yemen interrupts Michael’s phone reunion with C-Note và shoots Sid, who has enough left to jump Cyclops and handcuff them together. Unfortunately, Sid was stabbed during the fight and dies. An enraged Michael starts non-stop punching Cyclops until Ja pulls him off, saying, “You’ll beat him by surviving.” I mean, you could beat him up & survive. They leave Cyclops alive for some reason và head for the airport.

C-Note’s pilot is getting pretty antsy, và even Sheba suggests they should go before they’re spotted. But C-Note refuses to lớn abandon his friends, deciding they will wait another five minutes. The pilot literally doesn’t wait five seconds lớn start up the plane to lớn take off. Lucky for him, Lincoln calls và tells C-Note lớn leave without them. “We’ll work something out. We’ve been through worse,” he says, kind of underestimating the situation a tad. With the plane now in the air, ISIL quickly turn their attention to the Ogygia boys who are watching nearby. They run for it… again. What transportation will they try next? Subway? Uber?

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