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How to lớn listen to YouTube with the screen off


Want khổng lồ listen to YouTube with the screen off? Well, it is a tricky thing khổng lồ achieve because as soon as your screen switches off, YouTube automatically pauses whatever is playing. The result? You can"t just listen to videos while on the go.But what if I tell you that there are still a couple of ways you can play YouTube in the background with the screen off?

We"ve outlinedthe best methodsbelow.

There"s nosetting lớn solve this issue in thedefault YouTube ứng dụng but do lưu ý that YouTube does offer the option khổng lồ listen lớn videos with the screen off if you subscribe to YouTube premium. But then, why pay for something when we can achieve the same results for free?

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Use a web browserUsing NewPipe: mở cửa source appUsing Float Tube, a Play Store appThe advantage of YouTube PremiumHow to lớn play YouTube in the background on iOS

Use a website browser

To watch YouTube with the screen off without paying any money, or without installing any app, you can just use a miễn phí web browser app like Google Chrome orMozilla Firefox. This methodshould work on all devices.

Download và installGoogle Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser on your phone(your device probably already has Chrome, but the Firefoxlink can be found below).Go to the YouTube website within the browser, tap the settings (three dots) button at the top right of the pageand tickdesktop site.Once you have completed the steps above, tap on avideo lớn play it, & it will continue lớn playeven after you lock your phone.Note that the first time you lock the screen, the music playback will stop. However, you will now be able to see playback control buttons on your lock screen.All you need to bởi vì now is hit the "Play"button & start listening khổng lồ YouTube with the screen off.In case you have fingerprint lock enabled, you may not be able to access the playback control. In such a scenario, unlock your phone và then you can control playback from swiping down the quick settings menu.

If playing YouTube videos off a browser doesn"t appeal to lớn you, there are few more methods to go about it.

Install NewPipe: an open-source tiện ích for background playback

The second way in which you can listen to lớn YouTube with your screen off is lớn install an phầm mềm called NewPipe. Now, downloading this phầm mềm is not a straightforward procedure as it is not available via theGoogle Play Store.To install NewPipe, you"ll need to lớn go to lớn NewPipe"swebsite and download the game android directly from there. Choose the version that says android 4.4+.

Do note that your browser might block you from installing Newpipesince it wasn"t downloaded via the Play Store and most probably, you will get a message that reads: "For your security, your phone is not allowed khổng lồ install unknown apps from this source." If you see this message, go to the "Settings" option just beneath this message và toggle the "Allow from this source" option lớn on & continue with the installation.

Once installed, xuất hiện NewPipe and search for your tuy vậy using the search bar at the top. Play the song and then tap on the option that says "Background". That"s it!


Use FloatTube

One option that doesn"t involve straying fromthe Play Store isFloatTube. However, you will need to lớn be prepared for annoying adds that pop up occasionally. You can go lớn the Google Play Store, tìm kiếm for Float Tube & install the app. Once installed, just search for a đoạn phim that you want lớn play with the screen off và then hit Play. You will need to lớn give permission khổng lồ the ứng dụng to draw over other apps. Like New Pipe, Float Tube also lets you control playback from the lock screen.

Get a YouTubePremium subscription

If you vì not mind paying a small fee and would lượt thích to avoid these hindrances, you can subscribe khổng lồ the newYouTube Premium(formerly Red)subscription service. Itprovides offline và background access to content along with an ad-free YouTube experience.

How to lớn play YouTube in the background on iOS

If you are using an apple iphone running iOS, the process is a little bit different. Basically, game ios does not make it easy for you, but there is a workaround. You will have to lớn abandon your default Safari browser first and download an alternative. Simply follow the steps below.

Download an alternative browser for your iPhone, such as Opera or Dolphin.Once you are into your new browser, mở cửa the điện thoại version of YouTube.Now tìm kiếm for the đoạn phim you want to lớn play in the browser. It"s important lớn stay in the smartphone version of YouTube here.Once the video clip is playing, opening another app or locking your screen will cause the đoạn clip to stop. That"s when the trickery comes in. Swipe to lớn the music player & press play on the audio controls.Now, the đoạn phim will continue lớn play even if you switch apps và lock the screen.

Let us know in the comments if you know of any other ways lớn listen lớn YouTube with the screen off.

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