How khổng lồ Use the URL chrome://settings/content to Directly open nội dung Settings in Chrome. – nội dung Settings in Google Chrome allows you change the options concerning Cookies, Images, JavaScript, Handlers, Flash, Pop-ups, Locations etc. In addition, you find Notifications, Protected content, Microphone, Camera, Unsandboxed plugin access, Midi devices full control, USB Devices, Zoom levels. The settings help you to lớn customize the Browsers’ behavior. See a very important guide about How to Reset Chrome Browser Settings After Hacked.

So you will see the way to Use URL chrome://settings/content khổng lồ Directly Access content Settings on the Chrome web browser. Using this method you can avoid following 4 steps. You click on the 3 dot icon Customize và control Google Chrome on the toolbar and select Settings from the dropdown. Once the Settings page appears, you go khổng lồ the last section và select Show advanced settings. Now you become able lớn reach the nội dung settings pop up.

So chrome://settings/content is the shortcut URL lớn the content settings khổng lồ in this browser. These Settings come under Privacy Section help you improve the security of the mạng internet browser. You can also put Exceptions into action to bypass each setting.

chrome://settings/content to Directly Open nội dung Settings on the Chrome website browser

You can simply copy paste chrome://settings/content in the Chrome address bar khổng lồ straightly xuất hiện the content Settings pop up. See

Step 1 – open Chrome website browser from the desktop. Copy chrome://settings/content, paste into the address bar and press Enter. You will get the content Settings pop up at the same time.


To adjust the nội dung settings properly Chrome provides an Exceptions option for each of the settings. Using this, you can override a certain setting.

You can also access the exceptions using shortcut URLs. For example, chrome://settings/contentExceptions#cookies will access the Cookies exceptions, chrome://settings/contentExceptions#images shortcut will take you to lớn the Image Exceptions pop up.

Follow a danh sách of shortcut URL to open Exceptions of the different sections of nội dung settings in Chrome –

Content SettingsShortcut
Handlers Managingchrome://settings/handlers
Pop upschrome://settings/content/popups
Protected Contentchrome://settings/content/protectedContent
Unsandboxed plugin accesschrome://settings/content/unsandboxedPlugins
Automatic Downloadschrome://settings/content/automaticDownloads
MIDI Deviceschrome://settings/content/midiDevices
USB Deviceschrome://settings/content/usbDevices
Background Syncchrome://settings/content/backgroundSync
Zoom Levelschrome://settings/content/zoomLevels


So you when you use URL chrome://settings/content khổng lồ Directly open nội dung Settings you can easily access each of the sections. From here making changes in the different browsers content settings is quite simple.

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