Sometimes when you’re browsing the web, you might run into a trang web that’s not written in English. You might feel inclined to close the window và move on.

Select “More languages,” & scroll through the list of languages, và select the one you’re looking for.

Also, when you’re accessing this feature on a mobile app, choosing “More languages” & switching from the one Chrome offers lớn another is only something you can bởi once. Unless you change the mặc định language in settings.

How to lớn Translate a Page in Google Chrome on Android

Android users are not left out when it comes khổng lồ having the incredibly useful feature of translating webpages. If you own an game android tablet or smartphone, all you need Chrome mobile ứng dụng you can find on Play Store. Make sure it’s the updated version for optimal performance.

How to lớn Force Translate a Page in Google Chrome

When you choose khổng lồ translate a page in Google Chrome following the steps above, and nothing happens, the first remedy is to lớn refresh the page. Sometimes that’s all it takes for Chrome to lớn deliver the translation.

But there are times when Chrome doesn’t automatically show the translation bar when you run into a page in a foreign language. Perhaps you’ve opted out of having a translation on that language before, so now Chrome doesn’t suggest it.

Fortunately, you can force a translation. In a website browser, you’ll find the translate icon on the right-hand side of the address bar. By clicking it, you’ll see the translate bar appear just underneath. In Chrome app, both Android và iOS, that looks lượt thích this:

Open the Chrome app and tap on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner.

The panel on the bottom of the screen will appear, và you can continue khổng lồ select the language.

How to lớn Use an Extension to Translate a Page in Google Chrome

One of the more popular Google products is the Google Translate app. It’s available as the website version & as a điện thoại app. But there is also the Google Translate extension for Chrome.

You can only install this extension lớn your desktop website browser. It’s not available for Chrome smartphone app. You can find it here và have it among your other Chrome extension in no time. There are two ways you can use this Chrome extension.


The second way to lớn use the extension is khổng lồ translate the entire webpage, even if it’s in Chrome’s default language. On any page, click on the Google Translate extension. A small panel will appear at the vị trí cao nhất of the screen, and you can select a language from a drop-down menu.

Select “More Tools” và then “Clear browsing data.”
Select “Clear data.”Select three dots on apk or the gear icon on an tiện ích ios device.

You might need lớn refresh the page lớn launch new settings.

How khổng lồ Turn Translation On or Off in Chrome

If you don’t need Chrome’s service of translating pages in different languages, you can easily disable them. All you need to vị is tap on one toggle switch in Chrome’s advanced settings. Here’s how khổng lồ find it:

Open Chrome on your desktop and select the three dots in the top right-hand corner.
Under the “Languages” section, click on “Language.”

You won’t receive prompts from Chrome to translate pages unless you turn on this feature again. Also, the steps khổng lồ turn on or off translation in Chrome mobile ứng dụng are nearly identical. You won’t have the “Advanced” lớn select.

Additional FAQs

1. How to tìm kiếm Text on a Page in Chrome?

If you’re using a Windows or Mac computer, searching text in anything is made simple by pressing CTRL + F or Command + F on your keyboard. This includes any page you open with Chrome.

However, there’s another way to vày it on your PC using Chrome. Go to the main thực đơn (three dots) and select “Find…” Then enter the words you’re looking for & hit enter.

On your sản phẩm điện thoại device, you won’t have the option khổng lồ use the keyboard shortcut, but you will be able lớn find the same except it will say “Find in page.” Type in the word or phrase you’re searching for và tap on the arrow.

2. How khổng lồ Disable website Translation in Chrome?

To disable the translation feature in Chrome entirely, you’ll need lớn navigate the browser’s advanced language settings và turn off the feature. If you have a Google Translate extension, you might want to remove that too.

3. How Can I Translate a Webpage to English in Chrome?

If your Chrome’s UI is already set to lớn English, it will automatically offer English to you when you’re on a web page written in a different language. If it’s not, then you’ll have to lớn change the mặc định settings.

As mentioned in the desktop Chrome version, that change will be permanent once you switch khổng lồ another language. In the điện thoại app, you’ll need lớn change the settings manually to lớn English.

4. Why Is Translate Page Missing in Chrome?

There could be several reasons why the translate page feature is not available in Chrome. It could be that it’s disabled, which means you’ll have lớn enable it manually. Another option is that your browser is not working optimally, & you have khổng lồ clear cookies và cache khổng lồ fix it.

But it could also be that you need khổng lồ update your Google Chrome browser. So, make sure to check which version of the browser you’re using, và if it’s not the latest, update it.

5. What’s the Plugin for Translating a Page in Chrome?

The best plugin for translation in Chrome is Google Translate. You can easily find it in Chrome’s website store & install it for free. It will give you the option lớn translate the entire webpage or only selected paragraphs, phrases, or words.

6. What’s the Shortcut for Translating a Page in Google Chrome?

To quickly access the translate page feature in Chrome, you can right-click on any page with the language you don’t read & from the menu, select “Translate lớn .”

7. Why Is Google Chrome’s Translate Page Feature Not Working?

There could be any number of reasons. Your browser needs an update. You might need khổng lồ clear cache & data. The feature could also be disabled.

It’s also possible that you’ve previously selected the option for Chrome not khổng lồ translate specific language in the future from the pop-up panel, và now you don’t see it anymore.

For example, you might have selected “Never translate French.” All you’d need to vày is unselect that option, and Chrome will offer to translate French the next time you access a page that contains it.

Making the Most of Google Translate Page Feature

Many users choose Chrome as their default browser because it’s most compatible with other Google products. That’s why the Google Translate extension is so easily integrated into the desktop browser.

Chrome’s translate page feature is seamless & efficient, albeit not perfect, translates pages in various languages.

While there are some notable differences, both the desktop browser & mobile version offer a plethora of options and settings. Hopefully, you’re now comfortable using it while browsing, reading, or shopping.

How often vị you use Google’s translation features? Let us know in the comments section below.