How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 6 Review: We Can Find Him

Annalise is cunning and ruthless, but she got bested by a woman who may play that role even better than she does. Governor Birkhead was concise và forthright with her pitch. She had me buying it at first!

She was complimentary toward Annalise và set her up perfectly lớn make her feel appreciated and valued. When you"re offering someone who perceives you to lớn be the enemy an opportunity, before all else you have lớn get them on your side. You must get them believing the opportunity is what"s best for both of you. 

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Birkhead did that and then some. Annalise would have unprecedented power and authority. She could enact real change if that"s what the governor wanted her khổng lồ do. 

We don"t get a ton from Emmett all the time, but his opposing pitches to Annalise were pretty compelling. Unlike Birkhead, he hasn"t been an enemy to lớn Annalise. Và sure, he has his own agenda, but I believed him when he said he would fight for her. 

Tegan: What"s going on? Did Keating accept the Governor"s offer? Emmett: She told you about that?Tegan: I know everything that happens in this building. I also know what she wants. Just what we all want, khổng lồ be wanted. Cuz we can"t afford to thất bại her right now, especially when I"m out whoring myself for diet pill money. So beg her lớn stay, even if that means getting down on your hands & knees, cuz that woman"s not gonna stand for anything else. Và honestly, I kind of love her for that.

And I think Annalise believed him too. But Nate Senior"s pardon was something that she just couldn"t pass up. 

It"s understandable why she would push for that, and it"s also understandable why the governor would use that khổng lồ trap her. And in this trò chơi of chess, the person who loses is the elder Lahey. 


As soon as he started that letter, the writing was on the wall. He was never going to be able lớn make those amends. And Nate was never going to be able to lớn see his father again. 

It will be a pretty defining moment for Annalise as she"s now in bed with the woman who beat her at her own game. Now the question becomes: does this betrayal play into the events of the murder at the wedding?

Speaking of the wedding, there was a nice subplot revolving around Oliver & his mother which officially has me worried about Oliver"s survival. When you get sweeping monologues và full story plots, it could mean that you"re on your way out the door. 

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Oliver had some beautiful moments with both Connor & his mother, especially when he told her about the meaning behind his distance. Joanna was a pistol, và all she wanted was for her son lớn have the perfect day. 

We already know that the Coliver wedding looks awfully nice, so it appears as though Connor"s dad may end up coming through with some cash. But at what cost?


The closer and closer we get to the wedding the questions keep piling up. 

And now that we got some more background into Julie, it seems plausible that she could be involved somehow. 

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Does everyone firmly believe Julie"s latest version of events? I can"t say that I do. She seems to lớn want lớn protect Bonnie in her own, twisted way. & in her mind, if she did kill Bonnie"s son, that"s what she was doing. She was saving both Bonnie and the child from the life she was forced lớn live. 

With that revelation, the "Gabriel is Bonnie"s son" debate can be put to bed. That doesn"t mean the "who the hell is Gabriel" question is any closer to being solved though. 

Gabriel continues his shadiness by revealing lớn Laurel that he knows about her relationship with Wes. It"s not exactly earth-shattering news here, but it does appear that as Frank"s keeping tabs on him, he"s been keeping tabs on everyone else. For what though?

That seems lớn be the million dollar question. More than I want to know who Bonnie snuffed out in the snow and why Asher & Pam were having relations at the wedding, I want to know who Gabriel Maddox is. 

If played correctly, this could kết thúc up being the biggest twist this show has ever produced. 


Everything Else You Need lớn Know

I"ve had my difficulties with Nate"s character over the years, but man bởi I feel sorry for him. Lớn go from sheer happiness to lớn heartbreak in the span of a few minutes is just devastating. But the fact that he was able khổng lồ use the last few months to lớn reconnect with his father was a miracle in itself. RIP Nate Leahy Senior. Tegan is a boss, and she should never forget it. Emmett"s misconduct wasn"t nearly as salacious as I thought it would be. We saw more passion và gumption from him tonight then we"ve seen all season, and I would hope he changes his mind và helps Annalise moving forward. But that phone gọi to security was cold-blooded. Miller is so into Bonnie that it"s making me believe he"s up khổng lồ no good. He"s now accounted for as being at the wedding, but we don"t know when he rolled up and what happened afterward. Và due khổng lồ that caveat, I"m still sticking with my prediction. Miller is a goner. 

This episode was a real doozy, and I really want to know what you guys thought about the hour & where you see things headed next! Were you surprised by Nate Seniors death? What should Annalise bởi vì now? Any guesses on Gabriel"s real identity? and who dies at the wedding?

We are so close khổng lồ the midseason finale, so make sure you watch How khổng lồ Get Away with Murder online right now, so you"re ready for the fireworks!

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