The University of Miami wanted to lớn demonstrate its commitment to lớn environmental sustainability by installing green roofs onto its new Lakeside Village student housing complex. The 25 roof decks were designed to hold 10 inches of growth truyền thông media and contain a pronounced roof slope of either 4/12 or 3/12. Miami-Dade County typically rejected green roof projects without a minimum of 24 inches of growth media due khổng lồ wind uplift within a hurricane zone. Also, standard drainboards and root barriers would not have sufficient slip resistance in the proposed sloped kiến thiết scenario.


Project Profile

Salt Lake thành phố International Airport chooses Building Envelope Systems® for next-generation facility

Salt Lake city International Airport (SLC), which serves more than 24 million travelers a year, is preparing for decades of growth with the construction of an entirely new airport. The $3.6 billion multi-phased construction project is the largest in history for the state of Utah, as well as one of the nation’s largest aviation projects in years. The sheer scope of the SLC project, in terms of square footage & breadth of products needed, called for substantial coordination between, the architects, general contractor, exteriors contractor, installer và testing agency.


Project Profile® helps get drivelane mở cửa and crane on-site ASAP

Now under construction in the Kendall Square section of Cambridge, 145 Broadway is a 19-story office building that will overlook Boston from across the Charles River. Slated for completion in 2019, the property will feature 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, plus a five-story, below-grade parking garage. At the project preconstruction meeting, the general contractor wondered if there was a way to lớn speed up the concrete’s standard 28-day cure time – at least for a split slab section that would sit atop the underground garage and beneath a loading dock behind the building. The area shared a busy throughway around the building & would soon have to support a heavy crane for vertical construction. The general contractor wanted the most durable surface available to support the crane but did not want khổng lồ wait the standard 28-day cure time for concrete. Thanks khổng lồ a® Representative who was also at the meeting, he never had to.


Project Profile® Provides Building Envelope Systems® Solutions For Miami Beach Convention Center Renovation

To meet the demands of the 21st century, the MBCC committed lớn a $615 million renovation và expansion. When complete in 2018, the 1.4 million-square foot LEED-certified facility will feature a 60,000-square foot grand ballroom, a 20,000-square foot glass rooftop ballroom, new technologically advanced meeting rooms & new indoor/outdoor public spaces. Following extensive evaluation and testing, project planners selected® Building Envelope Systems® solutions to restore part of the convention center’s existing roof, serve as the building’s air barrier và waterproofing systems, và provide gaskets for the underground water management system.