A desktop application made lớn save your time spent in and out of Google by remembering what you had up, where you had it và just how you left it!

I switched because táo Mail was frequently not syncing with Gmail. I never have any problems after switching lớn Kiwi. 

Makes it easy to switch between email accounts (personal, work, other) quickly và within a single app. Filters và pop-out compose e-mail windows are nice features. The sidebar thực đơn gives easy và quick access to lớn Google Workspace Apps. 

I can download all my mail before a flight và work all flight long on responses & composing new mails that need lớn go out, with an Offline Inbox. This platform is awesome!

When first joining my company, I used up a lot of browser tabs trying to lớn keep up with Gmail, Calendar, etc. After trying several e-mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird...etc.) Kiwi was exactly what I needed. Been using it since Oct of 2019 & never looked back. 

I like Kiwi very much. The more I use it, the easier it is to shed the use of email and Drive inside a browser. It is much easier to lớn follow a "workflow" outside of a browser. 

It"s just like Outlook, BUT better. I use Kiwi as my preferred thư điện tử client lớn manage all of my gmail accounts for my various businesses. It"s much easier khổng lồ manage my 5 inboxes in one application.





Next màn chơi of Gmail.

Use Gmail và Google"s office suite outside the browser as a standalone application with powerful enhanced features.

Gmail"s a powerful application. The browser is a general-purpose tool. If you need to vị serious work, here is your edge.

All Your email Accounts

In one place, at the ready.

Distinct from what tin nhắn uses in the browser, we designed a powerful engine that allows multiple accounts to lớn be used together with 100% fidelity and no conflicts. It works with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, & Slides as well.

The Focus Filtered Inbox

Today View & More - Focus on a small list of emails.

Redefine your inbox on the fly lớn see what"s come in today, or the past 2 days, or past week. Further whittle those down khổng lồ only emails marked Important with Google AI, Unread, Attachments và Starred. Combine them khổng lồ keep your inbox limited to lớn a short menu of your most relevant emails. Need to lớn see your other emails? All it takes is a click to lớn mix it up or turn it off.

Finally a solution for office productivity that competes with Microsoft Office 365. Use Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides as native windowed desktop applications within Kiwi for Gmail.

Don"t thua trận your Documents.

You close a document, then struggle to find it.

Not anymore.

Kiwi tracks them as you use them. Xuất hiện your recent documents, across all your accounts.

Multiple Windows, so you can Multi-Task.

Gmail và Docs, like never before.

Open documents in their own windows so you can multi-task lượt thích never before, using documents across applications and accounts.

Perfect for Multiple Monitors.

Take full advantage of your extra screen space.

Kiwi enables people with large screens and multiple monitors khổng lồ use Workspace apps in a more intense, business-focused way.