May to august 2019 ielts speaking topic #57 describe something lost by others but found by you


Describe something lost by others but found by you.You should say:When it happened;What you picked up;How you did with the lost thing;And how did you feel about it.

I’d lượt thích to talk about the time when I found the school ID thẻ lost by my classmate. It happened last semester. That day I planned lớn make a revision of calculus so I went to lớn the library. I chose a seat và as soon as I sat down at the table, I found that there was a student ID card left on the desk. I looked around again lớn confirm that this seat had not been taken by others và then picked up the card. School ID thẻ is really important for everyone as without it, you will not be able lớn enter the library, canteen or dorm. In this case, the person who lost it must have been very upset.

Luckily, basic information of the student was recorded on the card, so it was easy lớn know who owner the owner. I took a photo of the card & then posted it on the forum of my university attached with my phone number. The post was soon reposted by hundreds of other students và after about half an hour, the owner contacted me. At last, the card was back to her successfully.As for how I felt about this experience, well first of all I was quite delighted. The owner was so excited when receiving the card. You know the feeling of helping others and seeing smile appearing on his or her face is really beyond description. What’s more, I found out that life nowadays is far more convenient than before thanks lớn the modern technology. It was because of the internet và social communication applications that the information could be spread so fast & widely. I guess it may have taken at least a week to find the owner in the past but now it only took half an hour.

Part 3

Are you that kind of people who easy to lớn lost/forget something? Why or why not?Oh actually I am because I was born to lớn be a little careless. Usually I leave a place without checking whether I have left something or not so I always thất bại some small things like transportation cards, keys, id card and sometimes even my glasses. I deadly want lớn overcome this shortcoming.

Why some people are easier lost something?I think this actually depends on their personality. Some people are careless, they will not kiểm tra if they have taken all their belongings before leaving a place. In this case, they tend to be easier lớn lost things especially those small things like cards, stationary, and earphones.

Why some people are not easy to đại bại something?I think this is because they have a good habit lớn always kiểm tra whether they have lost something from time to time. They keep confirming that they have taken all the things. My roommate is kind of those people. Before she leaves the classroom, she will check whether she left something on the desk, in the drawer or even on the floor. Therefore, this people are not easy to thua things.

How vì chưng people get back/retrieve their lost stuff?It depends on what they have lost. If they have lost their electric devices lượt thích pads and phones, they can use the locate them with the giải pháp công nghệ of GPS lớn find them out. If they lost other things, they have no way but try to lớn recall what happened when he used it last time to lớn find out where it is.

What vày you bởi when you lost something?I will first ask myself khổng lồ calm down and then recall what happened when I used it last time. Luckily, I have a good memory so I can always recall those detail things & then find out when and where I lost it. After that, I will go the that place to lớn find it out. However, usually it has already taken by others and not at that place any more so I lost all the clues to find it.

Do you think being busy is the reason why people lost something? Why or why not?No, I don’t. As I have mentioned it is the personality và habit that decides if a person is easy to thảm bại things. No matter how busy they are, if they have the habit to kiểm tra around before leaving a place, they will 100 percent vì it. In addition, usually those busy people have secretary who can remind them of lost things. Therefore, I don’t think being busy is the reason for losing something.

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