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Who is Chae Jung-an?

Chae Jung-an is a South Korean actress under Lucky Company Entertainment. She has been in the acting world since 1995. Besides acting, her singing skills are also acknowledged by the public. Let’s find out more information about Chae Jung-an!

Chae Jung-an’s Profile & Facts


Chae Jung-an’s Profile

Name: Chae Jung-anBirth name: Jang Jung-anProfession: Actress and singerPlace, date of birth: Busan, South Korea, September 9th, 1977Height: 172 cmWeight: 48 kgStar sign: VirgoBlood type: BReligion: Christian

Chae Jung-an’s Facts:

Chae Jung-an went to lớn Dongguk University, majoring in Theater & Film.Chae Jung-an was fond of music & has wanted to lớn be an actress since her school days. During her school days, she was often seen onstage performing with her classmates.One of her dramas, Mina, is about a young woman who was a pop singer, và Chae Jung-an performed many songs for the role. Then she realized that she could also be a singer.

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Since her first singing role, she has contributed songs khổng lồ soundtracks & has also released her own albums entitled Cruel, Letter, and GoddessHer Fate.In 1995, Chae Jung-an won the grand Prize at the ‘Johnson và Johnson Clean Face Contest’, and it was a stepping stone to lớn her career in films và television.In 1996, while she was still in university, she had a role in MBC’s serial, Three Guys và Three Girls.

Chae Jung-an & Her Husband: Married & Divorced

Chae Jung-an married kinh doanh company board member, Kim Sang-cheol, in 2005. However, the marriage did not last long. They got divorced in 2007, only a year và a half after they got married.

After the divorce, the actress dated another businessman, but the relationship also did not last long. When Chae Jung-an recently appeared on the program Some Men & Some Women, she mentioned that she is ready khổng lồ think about love again. She stated, “I did not plan khổng lồ marry again but I think it may be time khổng lồ change my mind. I should stop being so protective of myself & really fall in love.”

Chae Jung-an’s TV Show menu (Coffee Prince, Yongpal, etc)


Chae Jung-an’s Drama List

1996Three Guys and Three GirlsChae Jung-anMBC
1998Panther of KilimanjaroMa-riKBS2
Paper CraneJung Yeo-ok
2000SnowflakesSeo Ji-ho
2001MinaKim Soo-ryun / Park Mi-na
2003Over the Green FieldsSung Soon-ho
RunKang Hee-yaMBC
2004MBC Best Theater – The Train that Goes to lớn GomskYeo-ja
Emperor of the SeaLady Chae-ryungKBS2
2007The 1st siêu thị of Coffee PrinceHan Yoo-jooMBC
2009Cain và AbelKim Seo-yeonSBS
Hot BloodKim Jae-heeKBS2
2010Queen of ReversalsBaek Yeo-jinMBC
2013When a Man Falls in LoveBaek Sung-joo
Drama Special – Your NoirJin Yi-hyunKBS2
Prime Minister and ISeo Hye-joo
2014A New LeafYoo Jung-sunMBC
2015Yong-palLee Chae-youngSBS
Ex-Girlfriend ClubBaek Song-yi (episode 1)tvN
2016EntertainerYeo Min-jooSBS
2017Man to ManSong Mi-eunJTBC
2018SuitsChoi ByunKBS2

Chae Jung-an’s Movie List

1998The HappeningsN/A
2003Run to lớn YouKyung-ah
2005Long & Winding RodeEun-young
2008Hello, SchoolgirlKwon Ha-kyung
2014Dad for RentMi-yeon
2016Two Rooms, Two NightsYoon-joo

With her acting & singing skills, Chae Jung-an is an all-rounder entertainer. Since her dramas are mostly popular dramas, if you are a South Korean drama fan, you must have watched some of her dramas, right? If you haven’t watched her dramas, or haven’t listened khổng lồ her albums, it is worth checking them out! From now on, let’s tư vấn and wait for actress Chae Jung-an’s appearances in Dramas & singer Chae Jung-an’s next album!

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