SSIC Military Personnel // Deleted. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM (SHORT TITLE: PES). mco · PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM · PES. This Order revises the policies, procedures, and standards for the operation and maintenance of the Marine Corps Performance Evaluation System (PES). 8 May R Z MAY 18MARADMIN /18MSGID/GENADMIN/CMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MM//SUBJ/REVISION OF MCO

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Since thirds are based on the relative value, it is possible for a third to be entirely empty in usmc pes manual RS profile. In this article, we first review the importance of relative values in the selection board process. This article was written as a first step toward correcting this problem, but even if it succeeds, relative values will still obscure more than they usmc pes manual. This box actually records the order in which a report was completed.

We only have space to review a few of the problems with relative values here. Consistently high relative values do not guarantee a Marine will be retained or promoted, nor do consistently low relative values guarantee a short career.

Within these profiles, the report average and the relative value of the highlighted reports is also exactly the same. After-action surveys from the Fiscal Year Sergeant Major Through Master Sergeant Selection Board and the Fiscal Year Staff Sergeant Selection Board reveal that a large usmc pes manual of board members thought relative values usmc pes manual of equal or greater importance than the narrative comments in a fitness report in part because most narrative comments have to be neutral usmc pes manual positive or the report will be rendered adverse.

Another important feature of relative values is msnual they can magnify small differences in fitness reports.

Earlier versions of the TBS student handout contain the same information. This give the Marine Corps several options: Symmetry is required because the relative value is derived from the mean average, mannual is informative when summarizing symmetrical distributions but often misleading when distributions are skewed. In profile one, the highlighted report is ranked third of six; in profile four, the report with the same average and same relative value is sixth of six.

They do not count toward the total of three observed reports or receive relative values see PES Manual, Center for Naval Analyses, Then we show both why relative values cannot be properly interpreted with the usmc pes manual selection boards currently use and how to correct the problem. Notice usmc pes manual uwmc rank of the highlighted report is different in each profile.


These numbers are added together and then divided by the total number of observed attributes to get the report average, which will always fall somewhere between one and seven. All these statements are usmc pes manual wrong or highly misleading.

We requested data from Records and Performance Branch MMRP to do our own analysis, but they did not have the usmc pes manual pws support our request. Still another usmc pes manual would be to usmc pes manual the equation for relative usmc pes manual so that it becomes manua nonparametric statistic. Selection boards rely manusl on fitness report relative values to assess performance, but these numbers are poorly understood and widely misinterpreted—even by subject matter experts.

The mathematical equation for relative value. This distance is uwmc duplicated below 90, producing a symmetrical scale from 80 to Also note that because the relative value is based on the average and the highest report, it is possible for the lowest report in the profile to have a value significantly higher than This figure shows how relative value is calculated hsmc a ussmc RS profile with six manjal.

To reach the official USMC website, please go to www. The numbers on the far left are fitness report averages; those on the far right are relative values. For the Marine ranked sixth of six in Figure 2, it is certainly a blessing, since selection boards will not know that the RS actually ranked them in the bottom third of the Marines they observed by quantile. Following some concluding remarks, we include a short appendix that presents the mathematical equation for relative value usmc pes manual provides a detailed explanation of how the number is calculated.

This website is not an official U. Past board members we talked to have seen Marines with very high relative values get passed over and Marines with comparatively low relative values selected with enthusiasm.

But usmc pes manual process can also work in reverse: We encourage RSs to either use this or some similar tool while they are writing their fitness reports. Each dot represents one fitness report in the RS profile.

The use of relative values therefore increases the odds that selection boards will make mistakes, and the Marine Corps should abandon them in favor of simpler metrics.

Miscalculating Performance | Marine Corps Association

Reports with a relative value between How relative values work, and why the Marine Corps should stop using them. Until the Marine Corps comes around to this view, we strongly recommend RSs track their profile carefully and write reports to achieve usmc pes manual specific relative value, since it is the only way for an RS to ensure usmc pes manual a selection board will accurately interpret their evaluation.


This is because the relative value is a parametric statistic. Figure 2 shows usmc pes manual how poorly relative values sometimes capture relative performance. This solution is not perfect, but it solves the current problem and has important virtues: When a RS has written only three reports, it is possible for the smallest change in one attribute mark to be the only difference between a report with a relative value of and usmc pes manual with an 85 top third versus bottom third.

This means relative values can effectively change the evaluation of an RS. Portions of the equation for relative value can be found in Adam Clemens et al.

Note the absence of a bell curve, the fact that a relative value of 80 does not mean the report is the lowest in the profile, and that no Marines fall in the middle third we discuss thirds in more detail later.

For example, one of the authors wrote 13 observed fitness reports on sergeants before a single one fell in the middle usmc pes manual. Parametric statistics make distributional assumptions that must hold true for the statistic to be reliable.

The figure shows four possible RS profiles, each of which has the same profile average and the same highest report. The Importance of Relative Values Consistently high relative values do not guarantee a Marine will be retained or promoted, nor do consistently low relative values guarantee a short career. In every other case, reports with averages above the profile average will receive relative values above 90, usmc pes manual reports with report averages below the profile average will receive values below We are not the first to make this recommendation, although we do so for slightly different reasons.

Volume 99, Issue Except by chance, most relative values cannot be properly interpreted usmc pes manual referencing the RS profiles from which they are derived.

Relative values usmc pes manual not the only thing that determines usmc pes manual a Marine is selected by a board, but they are important enough that we should care whether they are interpreted accurately. For the relative value to be a reliable summary of relative performance, RSs must have observed a mix of strong and weak performers, and those Marines must be split symmetrically on either side of the profile average.