15 Jul Upon arrival to Okinawa, Marines are issued several thousand dollars worth If gear is damaged, it will be looked at by the employees at IIF, they will have to fill out a missing gear statement and potentially pay to replace it. AVOID THAT MISSING GEAR STATEMENT! -We BUY See more of Okinawa Cif on Facebook. Log In. or extra gear. Pass it onto the next wave of Marines. Soooo what happens if I show up to CIF missing gear? Save yourself the headache of filling out a missing gear statement and the inevitable.

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The form provided here has forms you can fill out usmc cif missing gear statement your PC or you can use it as a guide if you want to type the whole thing. Luckily, the Marine Corps has left us a clue on where to try next. Don’t set your hsmc up for failure because you didn’t keep accountable for your gear.


If your try and turn it in dirty you are just wasting your and the IIF workers time. You may need to right click and Save link sattement or Save Target as to download the actual file.

Use of this site constitutes gezr of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It’s nothing usmc cif missing gear statement, just a sustainment pouch and 2 hydration pouches. I hooked up my corporal with some gear when he got out and then I got hooked up when usmc cif missing gear statement came my turn. If your not going to have to missinng then make a copy of this get it certified as true and bring it to the IIF. Skip to content U.


First and foremost make sure you have your ID and checkout sheet. I do not desire to reimburse the government.

cif usmc gear list – – Content Results

There is nothing you can say the IIF guys have not heard before. You can see this message on the homepage. What do you mean by brand? Also when turning items in make sure nothing is hidden inside other items. Cleaning is simple and easy. Look on eBay or amazon. Usmc cif missing gear statement terms will be used interchangeably in order to make this article more easily searched for online.

Try and find them in the surplus gaer or thrift shops out in town.

Missing CIF : USMC

I have talked with a few IIF workers and believe it or not many of them are former Marines and are very sympathetic to you. Again here is where you can download the new Missing Damaged Gear statement: Remember usmc cif missing gear statement can not force you to pay but can take administrative action if they find you at fault. Washing will be virtually the same as the vest but because the stains may be usmc cif missing gear statement difficult due to their nature. Marine Corps photo by Usmc cif missing gear statement.

While the administrative process is simple, it does take time to missinv its way through the chain of command.

You may need to right click and Save link as or Save Target as to download the actual file.


Friday, December 13, Any boxes in red should be filled out or have their the text deleted. Filling out your Missing or Damaged gear statement is rather easy.


Ideally for regularly used items you should wash them once a month or even every other month. Now on with the directions usmc cif missing gear statement those that need them. Missing gear statements are filled out if a Marine has lost or damaged a piece or pieces of the equipment they are responsible for.

Do not try to debate the mod on your interpretation of the rules. No blogspam or clickbait articles.

As a Marine Corps Officer, my goal is to help and educate those who have obtained, usmc cif missing gear statement are aspiring to earn, the title of Marine Officer. They will try and help you to the limit of what they are allowed.

The vest usually gets sweat stains around the collar. We try to dedicate a group of usmc cif missing gear statement to help assist when units are checking gear in or out so it goes faster.

Have monthly or bi-monthly gear inspections and make them show you their vest or pack. One of the benefits IIF offers is a website, which Usmc cif missing gear statement can access online at www.

If you have any trouble or need help, leave a statfment. You get hooked up from your boots. If gear is damaged, it will be looked at by the employees at IIF, according to Smith.

Last you will need to go to IPAC and get a voucher number put on both your original and copy.