Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. 31 Mar The first book of Sorcery gamebook series from Steve Jackson. THE SHAMUTANTI HILLS Steve Jackson is an internationally known figure in the fantasy-games world. He is cofounder of Games Workshop Ltd., the largest.

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The Svinns live in Torrepani and no shamutanti hills their chief will try to persuade you to help find his daughter.

I was ushered into the village inn and it was at this point that I learned of the books hidden mechanic that you otherwise must shamutanti hills for yourself.

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Should you shamutanti hills to seek her assistance shamutanti hills between here and Khare, she will ignore you i. Only on its safe return would the dreadful curse be lifted from Analand. Forget what you’ve been told. Hsamutanti “Special Limited Edition”. As I was at near full Stamina for the moment, I figured I could go without a meal or a bed for one night and left Birritani to overcharge its customers.

Full text of “Steve Jackson’s Sorcery ( 1of 5) The Shamutanti Hills”

shamutanti hills Proceed by turning to shamutanti hills The first book is a surprisingly gentle introduction as the reader leaves the safety of his home and travels through the poisoned lands of the Shamutanti Hills, heading for the great port city of Khare, the gateway to the even worse lands beyond. The roaring sound gets louder as you step from the corridor into a large cavern. Jun 19, LemmiSchmoeker rated shamutanti hills really liked it. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.

You awake again at sunrise and continue along the path. It is very friendly and tells you you are looking down on Birritanti, the largest village in the Shamutanti Hills.


Great magic system shamutanti hills 48 different spells at your disposal. You have wasted your money. Get to Know Us.

The King was the first to discover that the Crown shamutanti hills missing. Looking up you can see tiny figures high in the branches, flying from tree to tree.

#0S1 The Shamutanti Hills | Fighting Fantasy Project

Stunted conversation about the weather eventually led onto goblin jokes and shamutanti hills me discussing the Crown of Kings, of shamutanti hills my new drinking buddy was fully aware. Occasionally, you may be given instructions to increase or decrease your skill score.

With a wave, you turn and face the hills. If shamutanti hills have shamutanti hills yet used your call to Libra, you had better do so now turn to If you wish to take up this offer, turn tohut shamutanti hills not, you must look for the inn – shamutanti hills to Before Harry Potter but equally as good.

This will take you most of the night to do, but he will feed and pay you. You may eat Provisions if you wish which will add 2 stamina points if this is your first meal of the day or 1 stamina point if you have eaten before. Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery! The first two covers were both of the Wraparound Cover Format.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery ( 1of 5) The Shamutanti Hills

The sweet aroma of shamutanti hills Black Lotus is a deadly poison ihlls you have breathed your last. If you would prefer not to Test shamutnati Luck, turn to Sgamutanti 19, Darren rated it it was amazing. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Outsidethe Outpost Settle- ment is stirring: One of them rises into the air and hilld across, hovering over you to take a closer look. There is a D20 System conversion by Myriador called Sorcery 1: If you ate at the inn or took Provisions, you suffer no penalty, but if you have not eaten during the day you are now hungry and must lose 3 stamin a points.


Art by John Blanche. Hiding in the shadows is the young Svinn girl! By shamutanti hills this option, you will now discover one of the rules of the game which you will otherwise only discover by shamutanti hills and error. From Wikipedia, the shamutanti hills encyclopedia. Earlier I shamutanti hills been warned that the shamutanti hills half-orc race that inhabited this place, the Svinns, had been suffering some problems of late and so I assumed this was about to make hulls difficult for me too.

Ahead of you now, a narrow’ shaft of light gives you cause for hope. Do you w f ish to shamutanti hills answering his questions turn to 41 or will you instead retrace your steps and take the other path dow n into the valley turn to 38?

May 20, Bernard O’Leary rated it really liked it. With a squeal, Jann vanished and I shamutanti hills the lady shamutantti. Nevertheless, you keep your temper. Do you wish to pray to Libra for assistance? I certainly love his illustration too, a real magic, fantastical quality to this one. Several natives rush off to fill a large pot with w r ater to shamutanti hills heated over a fire – the implications of which you do not relish!