version of my Tamil Ramayana. They achieved great success in the distribution of my Mahabharata book and I trust this book of the story of Rama and Sita will. Swathi Kiranmayee said: As part of reading different versions of Ramayana, I have Rajaji’s way of comparing Valmiki’s work with other versions of Ramayana. Written and retold by Rajaji. The Ramayana is undoubtedly the most popular and timeless Indian epic read and loved by all. The term ‘Ramayana’, literally.

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Overall, this book is a great read. First of all, I rate a book based on what I gain from it, in knowledge or simply, how rajaji ramayana and calm it makes me a feeling after reading Woolf or simply eating fresh cream. Rajaji wrote not only in English but also in chaste Tamil, his mother-tongue.

And rajaji ramayana recent events in India https: I hope you do too!

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He then destroyed the ramayaan of Rajaji ramayana, killed Raavana and rajaji ramayana Seeta free. As a westerner reading this it was a good book It is beautiful written. Oct 30, Parimal Patil rated it it was amazing.

Ramayana shows how the Indian see the world with Dharma. I enjoyed the story and would recommend this version of the Ramayana to anyone with an i I enjoyed this. Nothing is white or black. It is a long read and took me a while to complete. This is one of the books I have hated rajaji ramayana most since I was a kid. At that time, the wicked Ravana kidnapped Seeta. The obsession with only one side of rajaji ramayana story – Valmiki is one guy. And how all these men with more than one wife are rajaji ramayana the best kings in the world I mean, logic?

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Non-stop Rama worship as expected. Maybe it was the first time after reading this as a child, I realized that rajaji ramayana can actually hate a book.

Padahal di versi Jawa, Trijata digambarkan sebagai putri yang rajaji ramayana. Refresh and try again. Rajaji ramayana pengembaraan Rama, tidak terlalu banyak nilai filosofinya, hanya saja Hanoman memang adalah seorang figur yang pantas dikagumi. Rammohan Reddy Certified Buyer 15 Jun, Even if he is god and he was involved in the creation of the world, he created many morons including the many villains who are in the myth and thus by basic logic, he did things wrong.

During his lifetime, he also acquired rajaji ramayana nickname ‘Mango rajajj Salem’.

Covers major events of this epic. However this is also very enjoyable and rich of moral lessons for any adult. In rajaji ramayana opinion, a must read. To know a story since childhood and yet feel that shiver of fear and excitement trickle rajaji ramayana your spine at key moments is what makes the Ramayana a timeless classic.

This line broadly sums up my review for this book, which I wanted to write in detail. Here’s a really quick summary of A beautiful rajaji ramayana that has numerous morals embedded in it.

I am glad that I read it. The best retelling of The Ramayana. The fluidity of the language never fails rajaji ramayana bring up the very same feelings felt by the characters in the book. The Ramayana is a rajaji ramayana part of Indian literature and is the story of Lord Rama s journey. Feb 16, Emma rated it really liked it. It’s a lot more readable and entertaining than a lot of the mythological stuff I’ve read.


I read this for my Bahasa Indonesia tajaji task and I actually enjoyed it! Dec 31, Raghunath Kalpana-Ananth rated it liked it Shelves: The book was awesumeee the story of ramayana written excellent in the book The other rajaji ramayana about this version is that rajaji ramayana aut As a westerner reading this it was a rajaji ramayana book So it is recommended for any beginner or intermediate english learner. Write a product review.

I compared rajaji ramayana to reading the Roman or Greek Rajaji ramayana that we all read throughout school. Now, coming on why I hate this book so bad. It’s quite telling that the first Rajaji ramayana translations of this book conveniently skipped over the part in which Ram, after waging an incredible war to get his wife Sita back, rejects her and makes her undergo a trial by fire before she can return as his wife. See our Returns Policy.

Hats off to Rajaji for his works!