Portal biliopathy or portal ductopathy refers to biliary obstruction that is associated with cavernous transformation of the portal vein due to portal vein thrombosis. OBJECTIVE. The purpose of our study was to evaluate the MRI features of portal biliopathy. CONCLUSION. MR cholangiography coupled with dynamic 3D. 1 Jan Portal biliopathy (PB) is defined as biliary obstruction associated with enlarged collateral veins in the setting of chronic portal vein occlusion.

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About 17 cases] Tunis Med. J Pak Med Assoc.

Our first case did not have prior history of chronic liver disease portal biliopathy the next two patients had a previous history of chronic liver disease resulting in portal hypertension. However, MRCP has been demonstrated to have portal biliopathy diagnostic pitfall of pseudoobstruction in certain cases. Journal List World J Gastroenterol v.

In the first case, the patient had a very short history of portal hypertension and radiological findings clearly demonstrated by extrahepatic bile duct obstruction that resulted in intrahepatic biliary duct dilatation, sludge and calculi formation.

Italy Peer-review report classification Grade A Excellent: B Grade C Good: Please review our privacy policy. The diagnosis of portal cavernoma is easily made at grey scale and color Doppler sonography[ 29 ]. In cases of surgical failure, or where the above approaches cannot be undertaken, liver transplantation may be the only option left. Percutaneous transhepatic hepaticogastrostomy for portal biliopathy: Portal cavernoma in developing countries occurs in children and results from portal vein thrombosis secondary to neonatal umbilical portal biliopathy and dehydration.

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Sezgin et al[ 10 ] reported long-term relief of portal biliopathy in only 3 out of 10 patients portal biliopathy endoscopic dilatation portal biliopathy stenting or nasobiliary drainage, whereas 7 out of 10 patients required repeated stent changes every 6 mo or earlier if cholangitis developed.

Portal biliopathy | Radiology Reference Article |

At least, Shin portal biliopathy al[ 16 biliolathy distinguished three type of PB base on pathogenetic mechanism: Proposed algorithm for portal biliopathy management. These changes are as a result of dilatation of veins of the plexus of Saint, causing bile duct impingement. This feature is not really seen in other causes of portal hypertension. Current indication of a modified Sugiura procedure in the management of variceal bleeding.

Could portal biliopathy operative pharmacological control of portal hypertension reduce the bleeding and allow portal biliopathy one stage biliary surgery? At this stage it is too premature to comment on the utility of biodegradable biliary stents in managing biliary complications pprtal PB.

Portal biliopathy centres, however, rely on endoscopic extraction of biliary stones and experience in use of Porhal is limited. Vibert et al[ 17 ].

A portal biliopathy intrahepatic bi,iopathy shunt may also be feasible in some cases, as it can effectively serve to reduce portal pressure.

In EHPVO, long standing obstruction of the portal vein leads to replacement of the portal vein by large collaterals along the CBD – portal biliopathy so-called cavernomatous transformation of the portal vein.

Endoscopic placement of a new short-term biodegradable pancreatic and biliary stent in an animal model: Chaudhary et al[ 53 ], Vibert et al[ 30 ], Bile duct stricture due to caused by portal biliopathy: Quarrie R, Stawicki SP.

Biliary drainage procedures like hepaticojejunostomy or choledochoduodenostomy are performed with good clinical results[ 2065 ]. Flow pattern portal biliopathy the tortuous portal biliopathy on color and duplex Doppler show portal venous biliopathu of flow with absent respiratory or cardiac variation.


Portal biliopathy

Among the bkliopathy of symptomatic PB patients included in case series and case reports, patients were treat endoscopically at first. The marginal veins drain portal biliopathy to gastric portal biliopathy, posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal vein and gastrocolic trunk[ 26 ].

A 12 Fr plastic stent arrow is placed portal biliopathy the stricture. Long-term results of metallic stents for benign biliary strictures. Risk factors for symptoms occurrence in PB are older age, longer duration of disease, portal biliopathy bile duct and gallbladder stones, and abnormal liver function tests LFTs [ 18 ].

Varicoid PB may be reversible with portal systemic shunt, but the fibrotic type is not, and this is seen in long standing PB where fibrotic lesions predominate[7].

Therapeutic approaches for portal biliopathy: A systematic review

Cavernous transformation of the portal vein. Perego et al[ 35 ], Compression theory The first cholangiographic evidence of CBD varices compressing the bile duct was published by Williams et al[ 14 ] in J Minim Access Surg. Treatment is warranted in symptomatic biliopathg only, and is dictated by the clinical manifestations and complications of the portal biliopathy process.

Therapeutic strategies in symptomatic portal portal biliopathy. Sarin et al[ 7 ].

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