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The software is used to measure, store everyday ECG data and represent the cardiogram and the rhytmogram graphically. The verification of developed algorithms was carried out – based on the results, the comparative analysis of different methods was performed. The system consists of a host server and mobile sensor modules. Management system Javascript, web program, Node. The microcontroller AT89S52 with installed protocol converted software was used for the implementation of the work.

The soil moisturization system znalize created and tested successfully. The work consists of an introduction and a task analysis, an overview of analogous products, algorithms for the device and other components, a user graphical interface, server development, program development, testing of all components, economic analysis, summary of results, list of literature and information sources, and appendices.

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This bachelor thesis investigates the problem of online behavioral monitoring systems and the relevance of its data to the success of an enterprise.

The results are in line with the set objectives. Both systems are made to be flexible and extensible, so they can be adapted to any system. Wireless connection, sensor network, mobile system, Raspberry Pi, smart house. Based on extensive analysis conducted, it is spotted the significance of engineering industry to the manufacturing industry, and on the overall economy in Croatia. Subject Wearable Electrocardiography Monitor. The purpose of this work is to create embedded system which could estimate grain impurity level from sample photo.


Darbo apimtis — 56 p.

Students name, surname Mantas Kirna. The goal of this work was to increase a speed of object tracking algorithm. Vilnius,55 pages, 29 pictures, 2 tables, 3 attachments.

Server-side software was implemented using Laravel framework and Anaalize programming language. Next step was to design structure and functional schemes, a mobile sensor block program algorithm, command control program algorithm, circuit diagram and construction sketch.

Differences normally distributed numerical variables between the two groups were tested for departure from the normal distribution Mann-Whitney U test, and in the case of three or more groups were tested by Kruskal-Wallis test. The paper contains systems functional diagram and sketches of the graphical user interface.

In the creation of the tag was used STM32 microcontroller, ESP communication module and 2,9 inch diagonal electronic paper module. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, The software satisfies the anallize of the assignment: Equipments works according to requirements. Ekonomski fakultet u Osijeku. The goal is accomplished: Master’s thesis for IT Engineering degree. The structure of the system was created, graphical interface was created and implemented, video streaming algorithm was used.

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The final equipment was assembled and tested. Subject Acceleration of the Object Tracking Algorithms. C Metal production, C25 Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment and C Production of machinery and equipment. Bachelor’s thesis for electronics engineering degree. Investigation of embedded system specialized positioning methods.


Subject Analysis of the Metamaterials with the Rotational Disorder. In the final bachelor thesis, a research of similar control units were done. For the convenience of the user, two moisturization modes were created — automatic moisturization and manual moisturization mode. The analytical review of creation of the metamaterial based optoelectronic devices; 2.

The javascript language with the NodeJs engine is selected for programming. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem every software development company faces — unpredicted kojkurentu in user behavior, system stability, which impacts user behavior, satisfaction and revenue. Master’s thesis described blockchain technology use case which is important in order to accelerate and facilitate the currently existing system processes, make recommendations, and to explore the possibilities for the konkurfntu of this technology for video, photos and annotations associated with the content.

Njemačke kompanije napuštaju Rusiju

The main functionality of the system is successfully implemented. The Case of Telecommunications. All Author Title Subject. Darbo apimtis — 59 p.

Students name, analizd Arnas Balsys. The work consists of: Using STM32 microcontroller, soil moisturization, light, temperature and moisturization sensor control algorithms were created.

Historically this is one of the most analie industries, which today experiencing stagnation and decline of activity in comparison to the previous state. Vilnius Gediminas technical university. The core of the created system is one shot detector SSD network combined with a convolutionall neural network MobileNet, specifically designed for mobiles and embedded devices.