Please note the actual compensation amount per sale differs slightly between countries Enagic’s dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you 9. Enagic,-Kangen-Water-Compensation-Plan- – YouTube. Enagic Compensation Plan – Earn While You Learn. Your Healthy Kangen® Water produces 7 types of Waters: 4 Alkaline Waters 2 Acidic Waters 1 Neutral.

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Must have direct sale to start new lines. Keep an open mind but most importantly make sure you invest in your own health first.

Enagic’s 8 Point Compensation Plan…

The kangen water compensation plan of points you get paid will depend on: Available to all 6A distributors and higher. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Like Nate on Facebook. The people that bought your units, like it so much that they poan 2 units each.

All I could think about was going 6A and that’s how it should be!

OR you can jump directly kangen water compensation plan 6A from a personal sale if the total amount of units sold in poan team is at least Why people are kangen water compensation plan Come in with a fresh slate and come in the business with the intention of learning and taking action.

Kaangen the Top Earners Are doing: Go to Application Have a question? The award will be discontinued once you become a 6A2. Filter Commission 6A Bonuses 4.

Award amount calculated depends on how many total group sales your 6A group made, and also how kangen water compensation plan direct sales you made in each month. Here is an explanation. Where in the world is Enagic? This award is for existing kangen water compensation plan distributors. You have my full, personal support! When you have or more total sales in your team, your next personal sale promotes you to the rank of 6A!


Purchase a Unit through sponsor to become a distributor No entry fee required Getting Started. Building to 6A 6A Details will be explained later.

Enagic Kangen Water Compensation Plan Training |authorSTREAM

The higher the rank, the higher the point. They compensatuon be getting it from you! Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments. Enagic originated in Tokyo, Japan in June I will be your leader, your guide, your mentor. Step by step I show you how to build a business from scratch with the right strategies and systems in place, you can earn the income you know you deserve and have the kind of life you have always dreamed about. Enagic is a global business that revolutionizes the kangen water compensation plan to think about your body and your life.

Jim Sue Tom Jan Rule: There are 6 ranks 1A-6Aall ranks have 8 points to pay. Enagic is at the forefront of the health and wellness revolution and the kangen water compensation plan are endless. There are always 2 steps to move up a langen. I hope YOU do. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. All these points together, make a Total of 4 points. Take a look at the following commission chart. You sell the accurate number of direct sales and group sales. Purchase a Unit through sponsor kangen water compensation plan become a distributor No entry fee required Getting Started Slide However, did you ever think about how much it would cost us if it was going through the normal sales channel, how much these products will be marked up?

Quarterly Bonus 6 Ways to Earn Income. The amount calculated depends on how many new 6A’s had groups sales in the beginning of the past month.


Enagic Compensation Plan (Kangen Water) on Vimeo

I love this post, I am new to the Kangen water compensation plan business side of things and Compensatjon have not brought on many team members as of yet but my goal is definitely to reach 6A and then some.

When a machine is sold, 8 points are generated. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Please re-watch the video above if you need to in order to fully understand how it works. Are you looking kangen water compensation plan. When you have or more kangen water compensation plan sales in your team, your next personal sale promotes you to kangen water compensation plan rank of 6A!

Hence the company also has other ways to help whoever is passionate about the Kangen water business right away even if they cannot afford to invest in one for their home now.

However, if you are hesitant because you are not comfortable about selling, you have no worries! The Basic 8 Point Commission Structure pays through 8 points within 8 levels. These ranks are paid the same 8 point commissions as rank 6A, but are eligible for additional compensation as outlined. And yet when it poan to products that is marketed solely through word of mouth, it will be deemed expensive by most people. A common question, I get asked pretty often is how long I’ve pln in this profession and why Enagic.

I don’t have to worry about a company with alot of hype coming up brand new, and then disappearing tomorrow.