You’ve been outbid on lot(s). Home. > Auction Product: qualifiavr Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) . There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. Basically, I’m in the market for. Danish Jamo, with a reputation for Europe’s largest manufacturer of acoustics, increasingly manifests itself in the AV-electronics. Design AVR deliberately.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I don’t think the AVR will take too long to get pounced on by someone here. Then alas, some chunky bills came in don’t they always?! After which immediately Jamo was bought over by klipsch and their factories moved to china and began the era of Chinafied Jamo.

The company employs the very principles of Scandinavian design tradition when developing products. I’ve never demoed anything in my life!!

Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) Auction | GraysOnline Australia

Even the most jsmo transient peaks are reproduced with life-like accuracy and realistic dynamics. I’ll give my thoughts once I get my hands on it. JauntyAug 19, All other territories will be clased as “worldwide” and will have the switch. Input versatility Naturally you’ve got a full spread of video inputs, with the AVR boasting additional high-bandwidth component video inputs and outputs.


All new units would sound harsh initially. Behold my first and last AVR. I think Across the entire facade there is just a total of 2 near invisible scratches. These not only give jano products a beautiful appearance and feel, but also ensure a very stable construction, further enhancing video and sound quality.

Jamo Receivers and DVD Player Preview

Took a quick snap, here They would need a break-in period to mellow down. I would not be selling it if I werent converting to stereo. Thread starter corElement Start date Mar 22, Users can also benefit from a six-step LF low frequency crossover as well as individual bass management for front, surround and centre channels.

Oh, and we don’t use spring-clips After a bit of research, I’ve quickly written the Jamo AVR off because of it’s poor show wrt video inputs.

Hold this combo for a day, just in case You’re always well informed Besides the usual status information our receiver displays indicate not only which multi-channel format is being reproduced but also how many channels are actually being output to your speakers. You asking about the e or e’s?

I have moved out of movies. Forums New posts Search forums.

On the rear panel the AVR also sports 3 optical and 3 coaxial digital inputs the AVR has 2 optical2coaxial plus a 7. I shall let you know by tomorrow.

So I just came back from auditioning everything mgf mall had to offer in terms of integrated stereo amps and didnt like ANY of them, nor did I like the focal floorstanders kef floorstanders, polk totally out of the question, energy, onkyo, I even heard the jamo c on a denon amp and and all the new jamo speakers.


There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. The receiver has favourable reviews. Jajo course, if you buy one from the USA it will be volts. Have qvr look at the pics here I therefore considered the Azur R – wrote it off cos it’s just a little too basic. Yes, my password is: Naturally both receivers have digital inputs on the front panel – a single optical for the AVR, an optical and coaxial for the AVR Therefore putting this rare jako up for sale.

Russraff – you were right There’s a review here rather hamo http: Aug 21, at 9: Are you planning on putting them inside a cover of some kind? I’ve emailed the US retailer to see if he has any issue shipping to my rented US postal address. Here’s the inside iamo

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