J. Dugundji, “Topology,” Allyn and Bacon, Inc., Boston, has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Continuous Maps on Digital Simple Closed Curves. James Dugundji (August 30, – January, ) was an American mathematician, Dugundji is the author of the textbook Topology (Allyn and Bacon, ), Dugundji, J. (), “An extension of Tietze’s theorem”, Pacific Journal of. J. Dugundji. Topology. (Reprint of the Edition. Allyn and Bacon Series in try/topology sequence, and accordingly no detailed knowledge of definitions.

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You may write your answers in pencil.

Sorry to revive this. Hope I didn’t miss this above: I recommended Viro’s Elementary Topology.


And the pathological digundji of the counterexamples is part of the intuition one builds, in the sense that it tells you just how bad the situation can be. What book are we taking about? Like say Adams’s book “The knot book” or something similar.

I think the way one builds intuition using Munkres is by doing lots of exercises at least that worked for me when I took his class rather than having dygundji spoonfed to you.

Dugundji is the author of the textbook Topology Allyn and Bacon,on general topology. I felt a bit topoloyg way when I first encountered the book in the late 60s! Alexander ‘s horned sphere. There was another version of this question posted today, and it inspired me to write another MSE-themed blog post.


Dugundji J., Topology | Luis Alberto –

Feb 14 ’12 at 6: If you’re interested in the subject, I recommend Allen Hatcher’s book, which is available for free on his webpage. He also wanted to focus on Topological spaces and deal with metric spaces mostly from the perspective “whether topological space is metrizable”.

I’ll try to see this one! There is a print version, which comes with hints tolology some solutions.

The version of the book at the link given above is not printable. I will be in Barcelona to give a talk – Ryszard Nest lectures instead topoogy me! Limit point and sequential compactness.

It’s a little wordier than Gaal, but has many excellent exercises. Or look at the Topology Atlas? Priniples of Topology, by F.

Arens , Dugundji : Topologies for function spaces.

xugundji He then took a faculty position at the University of Southern California, where he remained for the rest of his career. The three hour written exam to;ology scheduled to January 14th Retrieved from ” https: Do you know what kind of “topology” you want to learn? The proofs are also very different from the typical presentations I see in American books. At this last session with your instructor you can ask all sorts of questions relevant to the curriculum.


See also below for more relevant literature. I find the writing stunningly clear. For me, there was very little in the way of intuition in using that book. Texts by Guillemin and Pollack, Milnor and Hirsch with that or similar titles are all very nice. The short answer is: In your answers to the exam problems you may freely refer to anything in Munkres’ book or in my lecture notes.

Topology is a wide subject-area and there are many entry-points. Munkres says in introduction of his book that he does not want to get bogged down in a lot of weird counterexamples, and indeed you don’t want to get bogged down in them. See E-mail from Esben. This is a really awesome book! Actually the book is replete with examples as each section is followed by questions which are answered at the back of the book.

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