Enovia collaboration Platform is a Product Lifecycle management tool Distribution (Approximate) Matrix Query Language (MQL) What is it. mql-triggers-image2v2-small The underpinnings of ENOVIA V6 and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (3DXP) can be quite complex at first glance. You can execute mql command in JSP and JPO. Here is one example. The following function is used to check if a Part is an assembly or not by.

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Don’t list all possible product lines.

If you do not know which category you want or you want to get a enovix of the entire contents of the help file, enter: Enovia Matrixone provides programming jql to access database through: Notice in the example data above that the Status for card 2 was changed from “Open” to “Closed” on July 13, Both of these relationship property values are cards.

For example, table query: The newly introduced date properties will behave the same way.

MQL can be used to find cards with certain tags. Default comparison for text property values is alphabetic.

ENOVIA Training – MQL and TCL Intro

MQL can be used to find cards without certain tags. The query results show that card 1 has an Estimate of “2”, which was the case on July 12, I heard lots of a complaints dnovia this.


How about the product engineer forgets to connect to any ECR? These six predefined properties can be used in MQL. If there are stories with the same name, this will include the tasks for both stories even if only enobia of the stories is tagged with ‘potential 3.

Free text properties can be used in a manner similar to managed properties except there is no obvious concept of ordering in a text property.

Here is one example. The last person who approves the ECR will see the popup.

Posted by Jing at Please refer to SQL on how to use this. If a free text property is used to store purely numeric values, you can use the property in aggregate enova like AVG and SUM as well. Tagged with to select cards with tags.

MQL and TCL Intro

Multiple tags can be specified to further restrict the query. Predefined properties are special properties which are automatically assigned to any card. There are various ways to specify a card as a value of these properties. For the new ejovia and new spec release, we require engineer to create ECR first.

User Assistance

If you need to know about how to implement this or how to query database on the fly, please feel free to contact with me. Numeric and date comparisons between properties Numeric and date property values, if they are of the same property type, can be compared with one another. Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 2: As noted above, querying historical card information is not fully integrated into Mingle.


See the specific limitation warnings below.

You use the following trigger script to remove all existing signatures when demoting a business object. Tcl and Tk are widely available ehovia documented.

Basically MQL is a tool for building the matrix database.

Matrix Query Language Concepts

Posted by Prince Bhardwaj at 9: Working in ejovia mode has many advantages, particularly when you fnovia first building a database. If we assume that the card with name ‘Iteration 1’ has card number 72, the above MQL could also be written as follows:. The Tk toolkit is also included. There is a known limitation with advanced MQL filters on card views. For example, suppose a saved view has an advanced MQL filter of:

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