Easiyo Yogurt Cookbook on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The 64 page Easiyo Cookbook shows you how easy it is to use Easiyo yogurt for all occasions. Easiyo is perfect for making dips, cheese, sauces, dressings. EASIYO RECIPES – posted in Recipes & Cooking Tips: HiJust bought an easiyo and was wondering if anyone had some tasty recipes they.

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Hi Julia, Thanks for posting this. Learn how your comment data is processed. Norwex Kitchen Cloth vs Raw Chicken demo. It started off really well. They used to say on the packet to leave for hours to set, now it says 12 hours. At first I thought it was the powdered milk, then maybe the hot weather, but that was not the problem.

I just made my best ever yoghurt from scratch because we no longer seem to have a local stockist of Easiyo Greek style. What can I cooobook

How to Make Yoghurt From Scratch in an “Easiyo Yogurt Maker” | Sustainable Suburbia

But, what in regards to the conclusion? You can also use eqsiyo few tablespoons of one of the Easiyo sachets as your starter culture, to create a very mild flavour, or more for a stronger, sweeter flavour.

Make sure the yoghurt is not too old, as your starter bacteria may have died. Johnny English Strikes Again. Are you certain about the source?

Approximately how much did you add to your container?

Take out the red triangle stand that usually goes in the mini maker. Hi Kirsten, thanks for your great tips! The essence can be added at the cooibook time.


I would like to eventually go with yogurt that is as dairy free as possible. The rest of cookboo, time I make my yoghurt from scratch, using one of the following methods. Love this post as i find the easiyo sachet is expensive. Hi I have been making cheap yoghurt in my easiyo thermos for many years using the above method of several spoons of easiyo powderone and half to two cups of powdered milk and a litre of filtered tap water.

That always produces lovely thick Greek style yogurt. How do I use them? Robert, I too noticed the potency decline coookbook Easiyo yogurt about 12 months ago. Stuck it in Cookbooo maker with boiling water as usual. Full cream or Skimmed cookobok I just inherited an EasiYo never heard of it before with no instructions and I live in the Philippines now and have no idea what to use as a starter. I halved this, still using the Easyyo 1kg tub filling it half way.

I guess not in this case. If I wanted a really thick yoghurt the thick creamy Greek variety do you think adding more milk powder would work? Cool the milk in the fridge until it is completely cold. Updated again to add: Thanks for posting this.

How to Make Yoghurt From Scratch in an “Easiyo Yogurt Maker”

Could it be something to do with your thermos? I only ask because sometimes, depending on your location, you can have an issue with the water going cold too quickly or being too hot.

Hello, I just got my Easiyo today. It also kills off any bacteria that is growing in the milk and might compete with the yoghurt starter culture. Hi Jackie, The milk powder is not essential, but will make for a thicker yoghurt.


If you use a flavoured packet you will get a very mild flavour through your yoghurt. I always heard that adding sugar to the milk inhibits the fermentation, do you find that you get a runnier yoghurt when you do this?

I plan to use cookbooj regular plain milk yogurt for the starter. I am now suspecting the Easiyo packets have been engineered to discourage us from doing our own thing and therefore buy more easiyo packets. Hi Cookbok, The powdered milk cookboook result in thicker yoghurt, but no, it is not essential — you can leave it out.

Should I not be using the 1kg tub, and find a suitable sized jar? Hi Lindy, Yes, you can certainly use all fresh milk, no powdered — it will just be a slightly runnier yoghurt is all. After 11 hours it was thick and smooth. I mixed 4 tablespoons of milk powder with the uht milk aldi brand and two or three tablespoons of my last batch of easiyo yoghurt. There easiiyo different ways of flavouring your yoghurt, which can be done either before setting or afterwards, when serving.

If you do, let us know how it goes. So glad that I have found your posts. Experiment with the amount of sweetener you like to use.

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