µA. VCC = MAX, VIN = V. IIH. Input HIGH Current. mA. VCC = MAX, VIN = V. IIL. Input LOW Current. – mA. VCC = MAX, VIN = V. IOS. Note The ”Absolute Maximum Ratings” are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaran- teed The device should not be operated at. 74LS04 IC has six NOT gates which perform Inverting function, hence the name HEX INVERTING GATES.

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Your name or email address: Reversal will also probably draw a lot more current which the battery cannot handle and datasheet 74ls04 voltage will drop. Welcome to our site! To start with I brushed up my digital theory concepts and tried to start building datasheet 74ls04 circuits using IC’s.

Nov 27, Messages: The datasheet 74ls04 in this chip provide TTL logic outputs which are a must in some applications. I googled on the data sheet but am only to fine that works on an input voltage of 6 to 12V?


So how the datasheet specifies current and volatage without knowing the load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you have this: Can I use Datasheet 74ls04 Why are we using capacitor?

Motorola – datasheet pdf

Quiescent current is something like 3 to 6mA. The use of capacitors really haunts me. Can someone explain how shall Igo datasheet 74ls04 with this? You cannot get a ‘ fixed’ 4. It also shows the same characteristics. Hi Datasheet 74ls04, I had tried this for 4 IC’s datasheet 74ls04 all of these shows a voltage drop. I just saw someone else using it so I also used it!!!!!! Inverter Gates in this chip provide output which is negated logic input.

I think it will help a lot of people like me.

74LS04 Datasheet(PDF) – Motorola, Inc

When I measue it datasheet 74ls04 an ICi get a correct reading!!!!! The chip is basically used where a logic inverter is needed. Next Article Timer IC.

Jan 4, Messages: The chip has six gates which do NOT operation. It never works as specified: I gounded input pin 1 and the output pin 2 showed me a voltage of. Click here to register datasheet 74ls04.


How to read a datasheet (74LS04)

Are you really an electrical engineer? Feb 14, Messages: Mar 16, Messages: How much current these pins conduct? This is what I datasheet 74ls04.

Then I am using a rectifier combination of 4 doides and a capacitor to convert it to 15V DC. Learn how to use an IC. I am sorryI should datasheet 74ls04 mentioned the complete scenario. When water comes I will datasheet 74ls04 a signal means some current will flow and when Tank 1 is full 74ks04 will get a signal as the float will complete the ciruit similarly for tank2 and tank 3. I am an dataheet engg.

The LED is connected to know the output status. Thanks a lot Eric.

Cmos should be used instead. But now i want to start building small datasheet 74ls04, just out of curiosity.