Concentration. Mouni Sadhu. 3. PREFACE. This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration. Mouni Sadhu (17 August – 24 December ) was the nom de plume of Mieczyslaw . In his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga, stating: ‘More than half a century. 1 Apr What are your experiences? – Curiously, in Concentration, Mouni Sadhu also mentions that you would do well to keep your exercises secret.

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But in the Western spiritual tradition this is reversed. I started about 2 weeks ago doing three exercises a day of 10 minutes each. Additionally there are things that restore willpower, such as sleeping and they found sugar or sugar metabolized from carbohydrates also restores willpower.

Conccentration 10, Dave Romain rated it it was amazing. Yes, this would seem logically to be true, but in my experience, not speaking of my goals always ended up being helpful.

Thinking about my inability to follow up and do my exercises in the past two weeks made me connect the dots on a few things. I had read so many descriptions by pupils conecntration were clever in classifying the qualities and teachings of their Masters, that I should have known at least in sadh, what may be expected in the presence of one of Them.

The trouble was that my mind was interfering very often, more often than usual and it was getting worse every day. At one point I had to stop for 2 full days as it was not possible but other than that it has been continuous. One is a mode of communicating information the other is a mode of communicating emotions and feelings. Prepare to discover the most ancient and secret book, which will reveal the true purpose of your existence both on Earth and in the Universe.


Can you use a car, even after using dozens of manuals about motor construction and driving, without spending several hours on practical lessons with an experienced tutor?

I have steadily been increasing the period of the concentration exercise by 1 minute every day for each exercise. A last example, when we are wholly concentrated on a subject, it can be likened to the dog with zero slack on the leash. For example, when you are going to sleep and you just passed into that state where you are not quite asleep but also not conscious any more, you can liken that to an owner walking this little hyperactive dog without a leash.

My purpose is to record that which the latter do not yet contain, namely, the real experiences of an average man, who wanted to know for himself what the presence of a great Sage means and what its influence is. There is no more birth nor death for the fully spiritualized being. Sponsored Products are advertisements for concenrration sold by merchants on Amazon.

Do you need heaven’s advice? This is what Mouni Sadhu talks about and what we are attempting to do. So obviously it would be a cycle of failure followed by frustration getting me nowhere.

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

conxentration Mouni Sadhu indicates even more clearly his conception of both occultism and spirituality in the ‘Foreword’ to his book Ways to Self-Realization: The magick happens and it is empowering and transformative.

Not because of any egotistical reasons or anything you would probably assume at first thought, but because it would not be beneficial to you, and in fact may be detrimental.

Safhu Guide to Mental Mastery 4. And last, a before I go to bed exercise which I call my freestyle concentration.

He saw and foresaw the dangers, misunderstandings and problems associated with this, and one can see too a rationale and a desire for clarity, wisdom, service and advice to pupils of his works in his writing about esoteric matters. No eBook available Amazon.

Steeped in the Hermetic schools which abounded at the turn of the 19th century, then embracing the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Vichara yet never forgetting his Catholic faith Mouni Sadhu successfully advances our mental synthesis and leads us to the door of True Self. Larry Paseornek rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Go back cncentration do it again. In addition, all his books clearly express the fact that the contemporary cooncentration Master, Ramana Maharshi, unquestionably never advised any conversion from one religion to another, but rather a conversion from Ignorance to Wisdom.


Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery – Mouni Sadhu – Google Books

Mouni s writing was based not only on rigorous study conventration the texts of his day, but on personal experience and diligent practice. The subtle interplay between the will and the mind is very much like this analogy.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. So the dog is allowed to run around wherever it wants as long as it stays in the area immediately surrounding the owner where the length of the leash permits. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

K rated it it was amazing Apr 30, II,No 5. He was not a religious leader whose role is limited to a few generations of men, but all religious truths became clear and understandable in the light of his revelation. The Art of Effective Worship Paperback. Anyone who has seriously studied his books in total would understand those assertions to be false in every way. As a young man in Europe, from to[35] Sadhh Sadhu belonged to an order of Rosicrucian Hermetists and published a cconcentration of articles on Tarot Hermetic philosophy as well as spirituality.

Mind-body connection has never been so clear!