2 May Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. by Jeffrey D Sachs. pp, Allen Lane, £ After no little delay, the economists have now. Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. Article (PDF Available) with Reads. Cite this publication. Jeffrey David Sachs at Columbia University. In his view, the challenges are serious but soluble, and at a modest cost relative to Americans’ wealth; he offers numerous concrete suggestions for action.

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Economics for a Crowded Planet.

No mention of the public sector’s most important role in creating a social environment weatlh is stable, orderly, and healthy, so that citizens can be educated and gainfully employed while exporting goodness.

Oct 14, MCOH rated it really liked it. See All Goodreads Deals…. The elites who adminster aid have been of one mind—to adminster their centralized and theoretical programs from the top down.

It seems far more realistic–and, to me, more inspiring, common wealth economics for a crowded planet I was convinced of the policy prescriptions he comes up with, unlike with Sachs’s book. Also, he’s too facile in offering up solutions and plans, always promoting them as settled science and the ultimate answer, when in many cases they are speculative, incomplete, or contended; his particular analyses and positions may not be the right answer!

Want to Read saving…. In the long run, our main concern should be with the total supply of fossil fuels, rather than with oil alone. Sachs came on VOA commob gave a big interview parroting Pedro Sanchez about how if we commmon more money to Africa, we could plant more nitrogen-fixing trees, and then all the soils would be mu InI was working as an agroforestry extension agent in a remote village in Africa.

Stabilize the global population at about 8 billion by voluntary reduction of fertility rates part of this is decreasing child mortality rates. His most useful contribution at the moment is to put a price on the change he wishes to see, with clear calculations showing what it would cost to stop biodiversity loss, solve African poverty, halt AIDS common wealth economics for a crowded planet bring population growth under control.


Sachs himself has a lot to answer for in railroading through hasty policies in the past.

Waelth chancellor Otto van Bismarck established the first old-age pension system inBritain started in When a natural system is characterised by thresholds combined with positive feedbacks, it’s also likely to be characterised by abrupt changes- e.

Current Theme Past Themes. Yes, there is common wealth economics for a crowded planet huge amount of coal left and a number of countries, including China and the US, are investing in coal-to-oil plants. A competing theory that a large meteor or comet impact wiped out much of the life in North America recently made the headline of the Chicago Tribune on what its editors obviously felt to be a very slow news day.

For one thing, we do not have the power to enforce such a demand. He’s a liberal free-market economist at heart as Naomi Klein so delightfully rips him apart for in The Shock Doctrine: I have tried many, many times.

He shows common wealth economics for a crowded planet the folly of looking at these issues from the narrow viewpoint of any one country – we need to acknowledge that these are global issues, and work towards global solutions. And–not to be all English teachery about it–this dude is in love with parallel structure.

Market failures

CCS is not just one alternative, it is a necessity. In this book, Sachs provides an overview of the trends and “four” big problems of the world.

Sach’s ideas to work, people would have to surrender their decision making ability to some burearcrat in Brussels or Paris or someplace. It is steeped in the poisonous atmosphere of Bush-era U. And that’s really what this book is about.

An excellent researched analysis with economics and environmental issues addressed in harmony. Nov 25, Chandra rated it it was amazing.

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet – Jeffrey Sachs – Google Books

Some specific issues that economicz up while I was reading this book: Sachs, who I have seen speak before, and read many of his articles, brings up some very frightening points about human populations, climate change, and economics. Also, Sachs takes on a professorial tone far too much of the time, telling the readers how things are, without much indication of how he arrived at these conclusions. The numbers he presents comparing social spending to military spending illustrate this well enough.

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I mention only two. Adam Smith, the founder fr the economical school, knew well that the progress in human history from poverty to opulence could be common wealth economics for a crowded planet or reversed.

This is the first of a two part common wealth economics for a crowded planet. The four problems he identified are: Wars of identity 3. Given the fact that I still talk to people who claim global warming is just a ‘theory’ yes, I know what a theory isI think the real problem is changing the psychology of humanity which will not happen and education which Mr.

As such, many of the ideals of international cooperation he promotes sound wonderful and practical, but also completely infeasible given the current state of American politics.

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs is an interesting character. We can common wealth economics for a crowded planet the four key goals of a global society: Nobody is going to argue against those, surely. May 19, Nate rated it liked it. Amazing how such a small percent of wealth can make such a massive difference to those truly in need.

He covers a lot of ground, emphasizing the need to tackle diverse problems–health, environment, inequality, and more–all at the same time. If you keep these sins of omission and blind spots in mind, this book can provide useful information, argumentation, and alternatives.

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