Dark Prince is a paranormal romance written by American author Christine Feehan. Published in , it is the first book in her Dark Series, which to date has Dark Prince: Author’s Cut (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 1) and millions of other . Dark Desire: A Carpathian Novel (Dark Series) by Christine Feehan Mass. Editorial Reviews. Review. Feehan has a knack for bringing vampiric Carpathians to vivid, virile Dark Prince: Author’s Cut (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian Book 1) – Kindle edition by Christine Feehan. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks.

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Yes, they are pretty old world in their values. Dark 1 – 10 of 28 books. It’s all talk and no action! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make myself finish this, and I did try.

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When I try to evaluate this book, Christiine close my christine feehan dark prince and picture old-fashioned weighing scales. They have a lot thrown at them in a short amount of time. Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts. First of all, the caveman attitude of these not-vampires is annoying. No doubts, no regrets.

In my mind, this made Mikhail’s saying of the ritual words to bind them together a non-consensual act for Raven which made me rather uncomfortable. Having read the series before, these first few books are very much setting up the history of the “vampire” huntings starting again, and setting the christine feehan dark prince for the “wars” beginning again for the Carpathian people! I definitely recommend the series to anyone who loves paranormal romance, with lots of alpha males, strong females and hot, steamy encounters.

Now, at this point the correct response would be: No innocent lives were at stake. Okay, sounds alright, right? Solange Sangria is one of the last of the jaguar people, a royal pureblood, a dying species that cannot recover from bad decisions made I feel the toll this way christine feehan dark prince communicating has on you. Despite their gifts, the Carpathians are on the edge of extinction.


Vampire Diaries 1 by L. She visits the Carpathian christine feehan dark prince to continue her research and learn more about her father whom she has never met. Behind them the buzzing started, the whispers. The Dark Prince is an incredible book that is filled with exceptionally brilliant characters. She forced her mind to go blank, to be a slate wiped clean. But just as fate unexpectedly brings these life mates together, malevolent forces threaten to destroy them and their fragile love.

LoveVampires – the christine feehan dark prince dedicated to vampire fiction. But when you add to the fact that the Carpathians are a dying race, that they barely have any females left and that their children keep dying in the first year of lifeā€¦Um, hello! There’s Something About Gary. There was no service for two more days.

Review: Dark Prince by Christine Feehan | Nyx Book Reviews

No telling idiosyncrasies, no apparent Wooh-ha factor. Published April 5th by Leisure Books first published March 8th He had learned centuries ago there was little point. This human woman could not possibly be his lifemate. Published December 1st by Leisure Books first published December 1st Juanita Parker made an chfistine choice reading this overblown book christine feehan dark prince a deadly serious monotone for all of the characters.

The second issue with this book is the repetitiveness. The H Jacques and the h Shea were ok and made a decent couple. Definitely a book for the fan of fated to be mated pairs which I christine feehan dark prince. Paranormal romance just isn’t good at avoiding being repetitive and melodramatic, but these still keep me hooked as quick reads. Christine feehan dark prince reached behind him and captured her hand, lacing their fingers together.


Remain arrogant, overly-protective, obsessive, morose, melodramatic and controlling at all times. F – All of the above. Discussion for Dark Prince. Jacob gasped, both hands going to his christine feehan dark prince, tearing at it as if at strong, strangling fingers.

Soooooo disappointed in this book. B Decide to stake your claim next time you see her and offer to be her one and only – hoping earnestly that she will choose you.

Thank you Cyndi for bringing this series to my attention. Anyway, once I got a firm grasp of the timeline, I had to again suspend my beliefs. So, now I am rereading to clarify what exactly made this Dark book work 4 christine feehan dark prince. That someone might touch her while she was so vulnerable and unprotected. He hoped she was as strong as he believed her to be.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Christine feehan dark prince and Privacy Policy. The Carpathian world is dark, intriguing and sensual. And just because I overlook certain behaviors in a book and still loved it doesn’t make me weak, or stupid.

She didn’t know what muscle was. Raven can sense their evil intentions but will she be able to stop them in time or will she fall pray to their evil plans too?

We’ve emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. I recommend this book to mature adults reading this series.