Learn CATIA V6 from online tutorials, courses and assessments. Overview: The Assembly Design course is designed to teach you the basics of CATIA. CATIA – Assembly Design Version 5 workbench allows the design of This tutorial will show you how to create an assembly. For users who already know how. You will also learn how to create a simple assembly, simulate a mechanism The V6 allows you to design with CATIA V6, simulate with SIMULIA V6, manufacture with Log onto the TESTSERVER to start the part design tutorial. ( The data to.

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Included in every subscription are in-depth lessons, practice projects and exercises, assessments, and knowledge base articles.

The course will then end with learning about sketch constraints and dimensions. Users can also create their own custom courses by using our various authoring tools ttutorial deliver to users in your teams. Trust our industry leading experts from Tata Technologies as they provide in-depth instruction and practice along with our Try It exercises.


Course topics include sketch-based features, dress up features, and patterns. These tools are used to devel more Users will be guided through topics such as geo more The course combines parts of New User series into one course. Users will be guided through topics s more Users will be guided through detailed lessons and are provided projects to practice with.

If you have a team of ctaia, measure your teams progress using our reporting. Users will be presented with video lessons plus process Try Its to reference and follow along, followed by projects to practice and reinforce what the material presented. Once you l more This course explores the tools and methodologies of the V6 Functional Modeling Part workbench.

Dressup features such as drafts and fillets are typically defined on each independent feature, allowing for easier replacement when needed. Users will be more The structure of the CATIA data can be assessed and the data can be examined, annotated measured and sectioned.

Assembly – CATIA V5-V6 Tutorials

The features are defined in an easily- modifiable, independent fashion, as compared to the sequential Part Design methods. The course will provide lessons for users to learn tutorail, advanced sketch features, boolean operations, model evaluations, and tree management related to advanced part design topics in Datia V6 R This course is designed to get users up and running with sketching by more Users will be gui more The course will provide lessons for users to learn transformations, advanced sketch features, boolean operations, model evaluations, and tree management related to advanced part design topics in CATIA V6 x.


These tools are intended to improve the development and modification processes of molded- type parts. The owner or other subject matter experts can be brought into a collaborative co-review electronically to aassembly issues.

Exercise files are included with the course so users can practice along with the projects. Provides user video lessons that demonstrate the most common p more Users will be guid more Topics include assembly information, operations, tools, measuring, sectioning, slide creation, assembly features,and a couple workshop projects.