Biosand Water Filter The concrete Biosand filter is an innovative version of the slow sand filter specifically designed for household use. These filters are built. Since Water for Cambodia has been building and installing biosand water filters in rural villages of Cambodia. These filters are household units that. 5 Aug Household biosand water filters are proven effective and long lasting. Traditionally, the filters are built from concrete poured into a steel mold.

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This video provides an overview of biosand filter and its promotion in developing countries.

A New Water Biosannd Process. It’s easy to understand and includes many pictures. This research provide information on ability of Bio-sand biosand water filter to improve water quality and to reduce diarrhoeal disease in user compared with non-user households in a randomized controlled trial in Bonao, Dominican Republic, during — When traveling to a third world country it might be best to take with you the proper mesh screens.

The Canadian non-profit company Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology CAWST was co-founded in by David Manz and Camille Dow Baker to promote education and training in water purification and sanitation including using this technology, and to continue developing it. In a study water was obtained from sample taps of water treatment plants from three local reservoirs. A Field Study of Households, Victoria: David Manz of the University of Calgary, Alberta.

No wonder slow sand filtration has been in widespread use in Europe and America for centuries. Most communities are also expected to raise biosand water filter funds to support the projects. However, materials are generally locally available and the construction by trained local staff may create opportunities for local business.


A biosand filter BSF is a point-of-use water treatment system adapted from traditional slow sand filters. Pages with URL errors. Cannot produce unsafe water! Clean Water for Haiti, a non-profit in Haiti implements an education and follow-up program post-installation of the biosand filter. Each biosand water filter is constructed of a concrete body 3′ tall and a foot square filled with layers of gravel and sand see schematic above.

biosand water filter

Many projects may provide assistance in building the water filters and some may even distribute them but getting the host country nationals to use the filters requires much more dedication. Wastewater Treatment Further Resources: Turbid water contains sand, silt biosand water filter clay. A BSF should be constructed only by trained technicians.

Many lack the professional capability of constructing the metal forms to biosand water filter the concrete into.

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The most widely used version is however the concrete container, approximately 0. If the water is relatively clean turbidity less than 30 NTUthe filter can likely run for several months without this biosand water filter procedure.

Review of Current Implementation Practices. Family in Jhapa, Nepal using a concrete biosand filter to treat drinking water. In research conducted in 55 households of BonaoDominican Republic, the average E. Planning and Preparedness Further Resources: Sand is not sold in hardware stores like in the United States.

These reports confirm that, under optimal operating conditions, the biosand filter is capable of removing: The format we use is biosand water filter the size of an office water cooler, constructed of concrete and plastic pipe or all plastic biosand water filter, and filled with multiple grades of sand and gravel. Large suspended biosand water filter and pathogens are trapped in the top of the sand and partially plug the pore spaces between the sand grains. Source water is poured onto a diffuser plate at the top of the filter to prevent disturbing the top layer of sand.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Biological layer takes 2o biosanr 30 days to develop to maturity.

Our Biosand Filters

Requires essentially no maintenance Simple to use Small enough to fit in any home Indestructible. Get News and Updates. The objectives of this project include the establishment of local entrepreneurs for a financially sustainable distribution mechanism, the capacity-building of local people towards long-term, user-participatory safe water gilter, the dissemination of KAF information from a central technology centre, as well as networking with other water supply implementers.

One-time installation with few maintenance requirements biosand water filter negligible operation costs. Many technical reports have been published attesting to the effectiveness biosand water filter intermittent slow sand filtration systems. Since Water for Cambodia has been building wtaer installing biosand water filters in rural villages of Cambodia.