In today’s complex and volatile world the consequences of relying on fraudulent and counterfeit Hadith to legitimise extremist behaviour, issue. Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria. Remember me, or Register. Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria. JB Yusuf. Abstract. No Abstract. readers into further exploration of the original. Dr. Israr Ahmad Khan’s Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the. Criteria was published in complete form in

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Also, after examining the views of the scholars, Khan falls short of indicating whether it is fabricated or not. In addition, given the widespread anti-Islamic sentiment currently dominating mainstream discourse, it is imperative that the issue of fabricated ahadithextensively publicised and ruthlessly exploited to support the thesis of Islamic violence and backwardness, is addressed.

Fourth, the commentator, at times, describes the background of a particular hadith. Remember me on this computer.

Authentication of Hadith: Redefining the Criteria | Yusuf | Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies

The great significance criteroa these traditions have for Muslim understanding of human responsibility cannot be underestimated, and seen in this context the chapter and traditions contained therein need careful examination. Please respect others when commenting.

Every so often the commentator seems to lose the objectivity required for examination, and which is consequent upon the methodology mentioned. The author goes authentivation to give a number of examples of how the Prophet’s wife Aishah always made it clear by referring to the Quran that the Prophet would not have said anything that went against the Quran.

The author then lists well-known commentators on al-Bukhari’s work including al-Tibi, al-Kirmani, Ibn Hajar, al-Ayni d.

Authentication of Hadith Redefining the Criteria

Help Center Find new research papers in: As shown earlier, his attempt to effect a compromise between the two apparently contradictory ideas fails entirely, making it crystal clear that there exists an uncompromising conflict between what the Quran states and what the traditions convey. Fabrication in prophetic traditions: This is precisely why the criteria of reason cannot be defined as simple intellectual capacity but is more comprehensive.


The Hadith scholars would assess whether each of individuals A, B, C, and D could actually have met the respective person from whom the Hadith is alleged to have been received, and similarly whether individual E could have met the Prophet at a time when individual E was sufficiently mature to hear, understand and remember the alleged Hadith.

Summary Hadith are oral accounts of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. When she died, they realised that the meaning of the longest hand was the one most generous in charity, as she loved charity work very much. References to problems contained in the texts of some of the traditions recorded in authentic Hadith works, including al-Bukhari and Muslim, have been made in places.

Review of “Authentication of Hadith – Redefining the Criteria” by Israr Ahmad Khan

They claim that man enjoys no freedom at all; what he does is preordained. This evokes the question of what citation style he used. If the latter is yes, did the prophet order its exclusion? According redeffining this criteria, the traditions mentioned in Kitab al-Qadar are conceivably sound.

The author points out that Islam was revealed as a balanced way of life, which tends to prefer that which is moderate and reject or dislike that which is immoderate. Naturally, the judgement will go in favour of the Quran.

Those who fall blindly havith accepting everything that appears to be a Hadith regardless of its authenticity.

One of you indeed performs the deeds of the people deserving Paradise until there is almost no distance between him and Paradise, he is then overtaken by destiny al-kitab ; he consequently does the deeds of those to be condemned to Hell, and he enters it.

He also croteria other commentators who do reject the authenticity of the tradition. With indubitable evidence, Khan indicates that many traditions were not reported in the actual diction of the prophet but in terms of the message. Redefining the Criteria Jibrail Bin Yusuf invalidity, respectively.


Hadith forgery featured in Islam barely two decades after the prophet and scholars did their best to differentiate it from authentic ones.

He goes on to give examples of a number of Hadith which promise excessive rewards, for example for supererogatory prayers or Thw wich promise excessive reward or punishment for negligible good acts and insignificant evil acts.

The Prophet had said: From an Islamic perspective, it is difficult to exaggerate refefining significance of the authentication of Rexefining. An overview of the book The book is quite short and easy to read, being less than pages, with just eight chapters after the Foreword and Introduction: He points out that the last two criteria are also applicable to the examination of the text of a Hadith but that this is rarely done.

The author goes on to offer a rewording of the tradition, albeit when I read the author’s rewording it does not strike me as particularly different to the original text quoted above. The second category is criticised particularly strongly: They have emphatically declared that authenticatin the Jabarites nor Qadarites are right in their belief; and that only the stand of Ahl al-Sunnah is correct.

Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies

As I felt somewhat dissatisfied with the interpretations made by the great scholars I began more serious research on the authenticity of Cfiteria from the point of view of its text. Khan also merely explains some of the traditions e.

The case of the bibliography is not different.

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