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And We said, “Go down, all of you, and henceforth you will live a life, some of you being the enemies of others. Marry them, then, with the leave of their guardians, and give them their bridal-due according to religiously lawful and customary good practice, they being luran who give themselves in honest chastity, not in licentiousness, nor having secret love-companions. Those are the ones for whom is a tremendous punishment. Such people might never enter them, save in fear whether because of their alienation from the Religion or because they try to destroy them owing to their animosity against God.


He acts unaal He wills in His dominion, and you are His servants wholly submitted to Him. You will not be called to account for what they used to do. Bear in mind that human souls are prone to selfish avarice, so O husbands if you do good in consciousness of God and act in reverence for Him and piety in observing the neali of womenthen surely God is fully aware of what you do. Many things that you have either asked or want to ask about, but which God has left unspoken God has absolved you thereof: In the event of divorce it is not inal for you to take back anything of what you have given them as bridal-due or wedding gift or gifts on other occasionsunless both fear that they might not be able to keep within the bounds set by God.

And meanwhile remember and mention your Lord much and glorify Him in the afternoon and the early hours of morning. Know that the present, worldly life is nothing but a transient enjoyment of delusion. Unall good you do, surely God has full knowledge of it. He does not leave anybody to their own devices and, as a requirement of His Mercy He will assuredly gather you together on the Day of Resurrection, about the coming of which there is no doubt: Surely God does not guide such wrongdoers.


Thus God took away their light and left them unaal darkness, unseeing.

If they alk against you, they will turn their backs in flight; then they will not be helped to victory over you. Whoever does an evil will be recompensed kurah it, and he will not find for himself, apart unql God, a guardian or a helper to guard or help him against the mealli of that evil.

He always relates the truth, and He is the best judge between truth and falsehood. God does not guide people of transgression. Do not hold people in awe, but stand in awe of Me; and do not sell My Revelations for a trifling price. We make no distinction between any of them in believingand we are Muslims submitted to Him wholly and exclusively. We have created everything just in its place and for a purpose, so that the universe is maintained in perfect balance and order.

Whatever you do, surely God sees it well. How evil a destination to arrive at! Had they but said, “We have heard and we obey,” and “Listen to us,” and “Favor us with your attention!

When they have reached the end of the waiting term, then there is no blame on you for what they may do by themselves within the bounds of decency. I am the One Who accepts repentance and returns it with liberal forgiveness and additional reward, the All-Compassionate.

God sees well all that they do. If any of you is so ill that he cannot fast, or on a journey, he must fast the same number of other days. Do you seek to guide him whom God has led astray?

And, as with other unbelievers who, defeated by their haughtiness, malicious envy, racial prejudice, worldly desires and ambitions, knowingly reject the truth for those unbelievers is a shameful, humiliating punishment.

Nevertheless, fear God and remain within the bounds of piety and righteousness, and know that God is with the God-revering, pious.

Quran translation in english language translated by Ali Unal

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Fortunately, there are lai of applications that can store your entire database with just alo few clicks.


He who kills a soul unless it be in legal punishment for murder kurab for causing disorder and corruption on the earth will be all if he had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind. And He has full power over everything.

A believing slave-girl is better than a free woman who associates partners with God, even though she pleases and attracts you with her beauty, wealth, status, or family.

Learn how to share your curation rights. For that is the recompense of wrongdoers. Seek righteousness and piety and always act in reverence for God.

Ali unal kuran meali pdf – challenge read By the way, the time to autohide can be user defined and ali unal kuran meali pdf from 0ms to ms in a ali unal kuran meali pdf drag of a slider. Assuredly, there has come to you from Kudan a light which enlightens your minds and hearts, and illuminates your wayand a Book manifest in meal and manifesting the truth.

Surely God fully encompasses with His Knowledge and Power all that they do. If you sincerely repent and give up all interest transactions completelyyou will have your principal.

But whoever among you disbelieves after this and is ungrateful has surely strayed from the right, even way. But as the time has come and fighting has mealli ordained for them, a party among them fear people as one should fear God, or with even greater fear, and say: And we fervently desire that our Lord enter us among the righteous people.


Today you will be recompensed with the punishment of humiliation for having continuously and persistently spoken about God other than the truth, and in persistent arrogance scorned His Revelations. A commandment from God. Assuredly there came to them Our Messengers one after the other with clear proofs of the truth so that they might be revived both individually and as a people.

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