El filo de la navaja has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: The Razor’s Edge – William Somerset MaughamThe Razor’s Edge is a novel by W. Questions About El Filo de la navaja. by W. Somerset Maugham. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about El Filo de la navaja, please sign up. El Filo De LA Navaja by W. Somerset Maugham, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Also, could you say some more about the connection between the two books?

El Filo de la Navaja [The Razor’s Edge] Audiobook | W. Somerset Maugham |

Half of the story is comprised of long conversations and intimate details the other characters reveal to him. Return to Book Page.

He is also a very complex and likeable character in itself, much, much more than the arch-snob he seems at first. Are you referring to the writing style? Not an unheard-of double function at all, although a bit unexpected from an author who usually seems to count more on the beauty of the story-telling than on clever, modernist narrative techniques.

Maugham Chatty, erudite, engrossing and thoroughly entertaining. It came as such a surprise to most people that they thought I was being funny.

The conversation between Larry and Maugham towards the end of the book is classic, on similar grounds as The Grand Inquisitor in The Brothers Karamazov, also another book that explores issues such as religion, faith, and the nature of evil and God. Somerset Maugham – Commenti e discussione.

El filo de la navaja (The Razor’s Edge)

The thought that someone could spend so much time and effort searching only to find so little at the end of that journey is infinitely depressing to me. But Maugham says he was happy and that’s maybe naaja for Nzvaja as a young man but I’m not sure he maughham say the same when he sees the spiritualist 80 Larry with no materialist achievement and maybe no family. But I liked him. The novel starts slowly and I did not think I would like most of the mildly pretentious characters.


Thankfully, Maugham puts himself in the book— more an autobiography in parts than a novel— so that I can use his words about Isabel to describe how I feel, always, about Maugham himself: Thanks for telling us about the problem. L I liked The Razor’s Edge and the memorable characters.

I’m curious what others think. Surely the socialite’s death would have been an example of this incompleteness riddled with regrets, had the narrator not bothered trying to satisfy his petty concerns on his death bed. The Great Gatsby, on the other hand, didn’t become popular until after Fitzgerald’s death.

It was as if I was a small boy about to sleep, and I asked Mr. If it’s the later, I would say that was just typical of early 20th century literature.

El Filo De LA Navaja : W. Somerset Maugham :

For the first few chapters of the book, I agree with Joe’s review that Maugham’s male gaze descriptions of Isabel raised my eyebrows and made me wonder what I was getting myself into. What I really liked about this novel was Maugham’s utilization of the omniscient AND first-person narrator himself!

I rather see him as his deus ex machina, his instrument in thickening and resolving the plot. I can imagine some people being bored to bits with w.somesret book. Feb 06, W.aomerset.

El Filo De LA Navaja

No one writes a snob quite like Maugham does. The main point of this one, I guess, is the story of a young man who goes off to war and who has his life saved by a friend who subsequently dies due to rescuing him.


What’s especially brilliant is how Maugham touches on every life and showcases the attributes and the filk in equal degrees. Another of his books, “The Moon and Sixpence”, has just been published and is an unexpected bestseller. He’s casual and breezy and doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. Chatty, erudite, engrossing and thoroughly entertaining. The Great Gatsby, on the other hand, didn’t become popular until after Fitzgerald’s death. His parents died early and, after an unhappy boyhood, which he recorded poignantly in Of Human BondageMaugham became a qualified physician.

Also, could you say some more w.somerseg the connection between the two books? Pochi altri autori anzi sarebbero riusciti a tenere insieme nella stessa storia con tanta aristocratica distinzione Se si ama leggere, se si provano ancora gusto e pace e brividi a sentirsi raccontare di gente, di fatti, di ambienti, di idee, di cose Brett I certainly liked it better than the Great Gatsby, but I’m not sure what you mean by ‘more important’.

To ask other readers questions about El Filo de la navajaplease sign up.

Of fiko they got drunk when they got a chance, and had a girl whenever they could, and used foul language; we had one or two bad hats: One surprise to me is that none of Maugham’s characters chose love. Even visits faraway, exotic India, and a famous, charismatic Yogi.

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