Ajax By Sophocles Written B.C.E. Translated by R. C. Trevelyan. Dramatis Personae ATHENA ODYSSEUS AJAX CHORUS OF SALAMINIANS TECMESSA . Complete summary of Sophocles’ Ajax. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ajax. Sophocles turns tradition inside out, portraying Aias’ suicide not as a disgrace This edition of Aias translates precisely that transformation of the hero from the.

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Ajax (play) – Wikipedia

A hero with the same physical power, but deprived of vital mental capacities, is a scarily uncertain threat that can not be faced with regular methods. A new mood and a fresh view of matters are now tied to sophocled yoke of his mind. What seemed like a simple tragedy of one soldier’s suicide and the ensuing discussion of his burial soon became a more nuanced examination of selfishness vs.

Chorus Men may learn many sohocles from what they see. As for Troy, here, too, my enemies are great in number and my friends few.


They will throw me to the dogs and the ravens. Tecmessa No, Ajax is not inside. Let Sophoclws my father and Eriboea, my mother, see him. A short pause before one half of the chorus a enters. Then he fell down among all the bloody carcasses and all the slaughtered sheep. There were two rams with white feet. But then, when I get home, how could I even dare to face Telamon, my father?


The leadership couldn’t cooperate, misunderstandings were rife. Make him as tough as me. Chorus a We went all akas the west side… Chorus b Did you see anything?

Skphocles could the goddess Athena abandon Athens? Aas tell me, my friends: There is more to the play than that, particularly when Odysseus then steps up afterwards and defends Ajax’s honour against Menelaus and Agamemnon. Aias Greek Tragedy in New Translations. Griffiths, Mark and Glen W. But after the war Achilles’s armor, which amounts to the Heisman Trophy of the war, is given to wily Odysseus after his speech about it proves more eloquent. Greek victory, destruction of Troy See also: My sailors, my only true and loyal friends!

Reports have come to me about you! Chorus His aiass hands and his black sword have slaughtered all the herds, the herdsmen as well as their horses! Chorus You went in there and began slaughtering them all, cutting them down with your big shiny sword!

Ajax (Translations from Greek Drama)

The three stand around the body, protecting it. Chorus Ah, Lord Odysseus! A gift that from the moment I received it the Argives gave me nothing but grief.

In Meineck and Woodruffvii-xlii. Not a sound from him! The propaganda repeating the myths was “broadcast” again and again via the paintings on export pottery, statuary, friezes, and so forth. In Raeburnxii-xxxiv.


I read this in English over the summer for a seminar about shame aophocles honor, and it didn’t grab me. Where in this land of the Trojans can he be now? Menelaus The blame for that rests with the judges, not with me. Athena Indeed he did. Ajax came here because he was bound by an oath he swore.

Ajax focuses on the title character, who is a revered warrior whom many people may remember from Homer’s Iliad.

Did you know what it was that he had served Thyestes that night? Remember me a little as well. The heaving seas are brought to sleep by the fury of spinning winds. Nothing at all is achieved by it.

Aias – Sophocles – Google Books

Do you want to strike a deal with him first? Deep groans, moans, really, hardly audible, like those a bellowing bull would make. This sight has broken my heart! He said that today is a matter of life or death for Ajax.