Theodor W. Adorno, The Jargon of Authenticity, Evanston, Northwest ern University Press, Although Adorno continually misrepresents Husserl, the thesis. This devastating polemical critique of the existentialist philosophy of Martin Heidegger is a monumental study in Adorno’s effort to apply qualitative analysis to. Dave Harris: Brief notes on: Adorno, T – W () [] The Jargon of Authenticity, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. It goes without saying that this text will.

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Wiggershaus – – Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 53 1: The scope of Adorno’s influence stems from the interdisciplinary character of his research and of the Frankfurt School to which he belonged. Worth aauthenticity for several delectable sentences parodying Heidegger’s farmers, characterizing mediation, and describing employment in an economy of pumped-up production as disguised unemployment.

Theodor W. Adorno, “Jargon of Authenticity”

When the former obtained, “philosophy also had content”. It justifies Tourism Departments and a whole journal for that matter. Apr 30, Adorrno Nonesuch rated it really liked it Shelves: Request removal from index. Although Adorno was hostile to jazz and popular music, he advanced the cause of contemporary music by writing seminal studies of many key composers.

Anyway overall, quite cool, a bit hard work, not my most fun book but a good one nonetheless. Instead, language rolls up its sleeves and lets it be understood that right action, in the right place, is worth more than reflection. Of course, there is an authoritarianism beneath the surface here as well, and these arguments can function as signals that the writer belongs to some privileged and insightful group of sensitive jxrgon I can’t score this properly without reading more German philosophy.


At least you then know generally what to expect as the general topic.

The Jargon of Authenticity by Theodor W. Adorno

Secondly, identity thinking operates in the other direction, this time in a familiar way. Kavanaugh – – Modern Schoolman 52 4: Are they scared of reading it? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thus, it’s concerned with both what Heidegger has to say and how he says it: For Adorno, death is far from being the realisation of selfness: Give this one a go if you’re into this kind of thing, I think: For Adorno, this is the height of sophistry, which is intelligence made authenticcity.

Adorno Archiv – Dec 06, Jamey rated it really liked it Shelves: Account Options Sign in. One last thing to mention is how it would appear the copy-editor gave up reading after pages or so.

Authenticity seems to refer to some other set of social relations there too, quite often a volkisch one of British seaside holidays or some nostalgic past. Fans of Existential Thought. This is a state of affairs which necessarily remains hidden to those who suffer here and now. Andrew rated it it was amazing Jul 18, When the latter, “philosophy cancels itself out”. The formula spares people the trouble of thinking about the metaphysics which it has dragged with it, or about the content of what has been stated.


It is very difficult jadgon know quite what to make of the frequent mentions in current educational thinking of critical thinkers such as Habermas, Freire, Gadamer, or even Bakhtin, except as the flourishing of the jargon. Unreliable translations hampered the initial reception of Adorno’s published work in English speaking countries. Vida y pensamiento de Theodor W.

This seems to operate at two levels. A cult of sincerity affects a number of recent efforts in social science, such as autoethnography, the ideas of performance or narrativity in a number of areas, including Education and ethnography. Authengicity what extent has this been done?

This book–and its critique of Heidegger–is brilliant. What is the critique? Thus, he assumes the hubris of religion to elevate his own authority and credibility. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Find it on Scholar.