I can buy the Dungeon Delve book for a reasonable price. Is it worth getting? Just to give a bit of background, I am a very late convert to 4E. Find great deals for Dungeons and Dragon 4th Edition 4e Dungeon Delve Hardcover Adventure Collection. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Dungeon Delve is a book containing a series of mini-adventures publiched by Wizards of the Coast, [Collapse] Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition products edit .

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You may have to register before you can post: Contact The Staff Critical Hits staff can be reached via the contact information on their individual staff pages and in their articles. I had simply assumed that was incompetence. Oh how far the mighty have 4f. This could lead to new stories or at least interesting background material.

Dungeon Delve | Reviews | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Friday, April 17, He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit! Who actually needs that? Thursday, April 16,5: For the purpose of this product, a Dungeon Delve is a compact series of encounters appropriate for dele specific level of play. Djngeon lined up to get into the available party slots. Players often get tired of the same thing over and over again.

Others have skill challenges and other terrain features. Lauren rated it really liked it Mar 26, Swap in a few mooks one for one to make fights easier. Describe the monsters and monster attacks in terms of what the PCs see, not just the names from the book.


I mean, there are many parts of the design of 4th Edition which followed that pattern: Andrew Frick rated it it was ok Mar 05, In either case, you also need to know what the players are expecting. Hazards, not fights Hazards are things like broken bridges, fast running rivers, things you can fall off of, etc. What if there is something missing from the dungeon, like a loot hoard, because the goblin tribe was moving on anyways?

He starts by describing the successful Dungeon Delves that WotC has run at various conventions over the past decade:. And if all else fails, you can always really shake a delve up by reversing the dungeon ….

And if all else fails, you can always really shake a delve up by reversing the dungeon … Share This: Jesse Kiser rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Most of the encounters have traps, strange random magical effects, or both. I didn’t mean to buy this, but the nice guy dungeoon Borders went to so much trouble to dunngeon it that I didn’t have deelve heart to flip through it and hand it back.

In an actual dungeon they might find diaries perhaps in an unconventional material from prisoners that reveal history or even secrets they can follow up on later such as the location of stolen treasure or the remembered research notes of a heretical mage that could lead to new spells. People also like to solve puzzles. Puzzles or opponents that don’t want to fight to achieve their goals shake things up.

What had they killed?


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. And Raise Dead, which breaks the setting into 6 million sharp pieces. This makes perfect sense. Lots of the encounters center around a villain doing some ritual that must be disrupted.

4E Dungeon Delves

Fantasy Grounds Prep Less. But from the opening of the show on Thursday, we knew we had found the crux of a winning formula.

We’ll work out a final schedule once we have a few more players. I did some calculating: They can even give hints to what lies ahead in the next section with the descriptions: Dungeon Delve WTF Sounds like WotC discovered dslve loads of 4e players dig old school playing, so they capitalized by making…something else. Dweredell City Supplement 2: Maybe there is a puzzle or sealed vault dunfeon requires information from another dungeon?

Dungeons and Dragon 4th Edition 4e Dungeon Delve Hardcover Adventure Collection

We are interested in playing more than just short delves, but I don’t want to start a longer campaign until we have 5 solid, dedicated and reliable players. Add more monsters of the same or lower level to make encounters harder. The book includes delves for 1st- to 30th-level characters, dungeom features dozens of i Dozens of dungeons ready to play without preparation

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